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  • Eh, i'm stalling till I go see my brother so I can prove to strax that we're seperate people. My gf broke up with me a longtime ago and she doesn't want to give me pics so oh well.
    Unfortunately that page isn't really all that interesting. It just gives a vague summary of the game's prologue.
    i agree! :(
    we actually have to wait 2 more games till kh3. why not end it there? :l why make more? there is no KH without xehanort. he is the main antagonist like sora is the main protagonist. i cant believe nomura is making this into yet another final fantasy. he has to end this at kh3.

    no xehanort = no kh and i won't buy it since i bet the new antagonist would be a rip off from xehanort.
    same, same. i guess the only thing i liked on cold weather was the snow for snow days.

    yeah i dont know how he keeps coming back and i probably lost count on how many times he's been banned! im leaning on the 30th time :D
    so you want to start something?

    Just wanted you to know that you do realize that regardless of how cool it looks, your signature is still a spoiler to the fans who are waiting to play BBS.
    Hey Im New To the forums so how do i post new threads like u jus did wit the cq visual for kingdom hearts? thanks!!
    hey i got a Q for you if you don't mind answering it. above my pic it says nobody your says heartless. how dose it change?
    Hi Meggie. Didn't know you had an account on here. You're already catching up to my post count. It's me Tsukasa. I didn't know you were older than me either
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