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  • Of course! She's an insane, unstable little devil and he worries that one day she'll escape his control and attack him!

    Roxas probably would. Larxene and Ramsley would just roll their eyes and stare at me until I felt uncomfortable enough to post as them!

    Awww! Well, hopefully I can talk to you again soon!
    I have no idea; I was too scared to ask, lol! Not even Ramsley felt like inquiring any further! And yes, Jude misses Prudence, but he missed you too! :)

    I'm back now!! But you're not! :(
    I know... I read the original. Severa time.

    Oh, you were reffering to 1 1/2. It's Rosencratnz and Guildenstern? I've seen it performed a few times.
    Alice just sat on the floor of the RP and giggled. It was very creepy. When Demyx wasn't sobbing over you being gone, he was sobbing about that! And Jude was silent, but his eyes were sad. I think he missed you too!

    Yeah, I'm procrastinating...again...but I can't keep doing that! I must be off! TTYL!
    Oh yes! Demyx was inconsolable. He sobbed for hours into Larxene's shoulders, while Larxene demanded to know when you were getting back so that "he would get off already!" :)

    Really? I'd love to see them! And I'm doing homework right now, so I'm actually going to log off in a few minutes. I'll read your Demyx post tomorrow!
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