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  • I don't think she would want to pay evil onto you for just so she could feel better. Also I've been used, lied to, abused and all that. I understand.

    I have many tiems and all I can do is pray.
    You can go online or meet with people who have been in where she was. I used to think I was the only one blind but I found others.

    I know it was Adam and Eva first but genes get mixed up.. And just to be clear I don't hate them, just what they do creeps me out. I'm sure God feels the same.
    Now they won't get away with it, you forget God is gonna hold them for what they did. Also she's not alone. No one is ever really alone.

    It's not a lifestyle and that's not gonna happen. Still love the guy anyway.
    Earth is only a small start. they will get into Heaven..adn don;t knock the gay kid. He's my best friend! Also What's the point in getting even when you become no better then the ones your hurt. The stronger thing would be to move on.
    No use your smartness to improve the world. I'm using my writing to show God's love aso maybe that's my role. You're role could be something grander. If you get those humans are bastards thoughts...think of the single mother wo in spite of so much hardship manages to get going and enjoy a bit of life. Or the blind kid who could have died at birth but God still saved to do something grand and help even when people were harsh and cruel to. Or the gay kid who still loves his family even when his mom was a total bithc, but plans to get rich to help his family out. Or the young woman whom so many lied to her but manged to trust someone she hasn't even seen his face. Or the war vetarn who saved lives. Or the doctor who saved someone's life. Ore even the once mass murderer who God turned into St. Pual. Or the other 12 saints and Mary Mandile...think of the poor who still share their food with others. Or the forenern who helps someone else out who's lost. Or the blind men woman and childrn who are thankful for what they have still hope for a future in a world that has no idea what to do with them.
    MM..my friend my brother listen to me! Satain is using your hate to turn you into a monster. You don't want to end up like MX or Hitler, history has taught me that things never work for those kind of people. In fact that's how Satan got started!He got selfish and arrongent thinking he could to better then God, and HUMANS, ANGELS, AND GOD HAD TO PAY FOR IT! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH GOD WEEPED WHEN WE WERE TAKEN FROM HIM? FOOLED INTO SIN! THE ANGELS LOST THEIR OWN BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHEN THAT MONSTER TOOK THEM FROM THEIR LIFE BY LIES! I bet you the demons are crying in hell thinking "Why did we listen to this madman?" Humans too! A spitefull prink who could get his way ruined us until Jesus came to us and we still have to wait for the final battle and make the most of this place. Yes humans are flawed, I've ben lied to, beaten, used, and so much more but I'd rather see us in the way God sees us...his children!Could you do something so horrable to your own kids like taking away who they are? I'm begging you my friend....BEGGING YOU! Stop listening to Cherabog and listen to your Dad in Hevean and your brothers and sisters. Don't let hate ruin you like it almost did me. REPEANT AND IMBRACE YOURSELF AND OTHERS BEFORE THE GATES OF HELL CLOSE IN ON YOU WITH SATAN MOCKING YOU REPEANT!

    It's not a problem at all, so your good :] I have the feeling it may take me awhile to respond to this properly.

    You might feel miserable from knowing so much, but at least you won't make the same mistakes other people have. You won't be corrupted and abuse that power, like so many others have done. No matter what, you'll always see the flaws in both humanity and in the world. That the longer you dwell in it, you will never be happy. If you believe in God as much as you say that you do, then all you have to do is wait for him to come and He will handle the rest.

    You feel the need to fix everything that is wrong with the world and the people in it. With justice. Which is admirable in some ways, but there is only so much you can do.
    ^ But, believe in this as much as possible because your right. God has a course set out for this world. Even if it causes suffering, there has to be a reason for it.

    Human beings also make mistakes in their own judgement. It's called free will. There will always be collateral damage in war or on the streets. Not everyone wishes to take another persons life. That is why they seek forgiveness and mercy. Not everyone is necessarily evil either, Memory Master. There are a few that are, who have caused so much pain to innocent people. That they can only wish to be forgiven or shown mercy from God. That I can understand why your frustrated about it.

    You may hate everything about this world, but what makes you think that if you escape this world into a different one, that you won't face the same problems you have in this one?

    Being human, it does suck, that's why you have to make the best of it. As for the world, you can try to cope with the way things are or do something about it. And humanity, there truly is nothing you can do about it. Just be happy your different.

    I have and I think listening to Lanydx would be a wise decision.
    I believe Jesus gave his life knowing we were a flawed race, but he had hopes and faith that we would continue to learn from our errors and try to build a prosperous future. What about you?
    Sorry, I know I was taking awhile to respond to your post from last night.

    Your welcome, memory master. I'm not like most people and I find this kind of conversation much more refreshing :]

    Now, let's just say you did turn into Xehanort. What exactly would do, once you were him? You don't wish to be him, do you?

    I don't think you will turn into Xehanort, because you still hold onto hope. You haven't given up quite yet and I think Xehanort isnt exactly who you would turn into. Depending on your ideals and goals.

    No matter much you wish to be Sora, it just isn't possible. If it were, someone better slap me for saying otherwise. Trust me, I've tried to be like him, but it won't work. However, you can know what it's like to have friends like Sora. So, that in itself is something to believe in.

    Knowledge and Wisdom is very powerful, that can be used in brilliant ways. You can't always depend on your friends (like Sora does) to get you out of tough spots. That's why, it's a very powerful ability to have. You have to believe in yourself before believing in others. Friends count on each other, that knowledge and wisdom is a good thing to have. Not everyone has this kind of power, so I think it should be value.

    Also, I can almost garuntee you that you wouldn't have a blank portrait. Wanna know why? Because I wish to form a bond with you and that means, you are capable of making one. It just takes time to form strong bonds, but you already have a friend in the making who wishes to know you.

    I'm gonna go ahead and say, that you do have a human heart. You feel everything another human being does. I can't say much about the soul, because a soul is more like your individuality. Which sets all of us apart. As for you feeling alienated, I know what that's like. You may not even choose to be alienated, but it happens wether we like it or not. Thats why, you need to hold on and find someone who can understand and support you through it together. I can't even say we are human, because it's just a label to define us all.

    Wanted to know what kind of music you like to listen to xD
    Hey Memory Master, I have to go, cause its late and I can't form words properly at such a late hour.

    I'll respond to this tomorrow, when I'm more wide awake xD I think this is gonna turn into quite a fun discussion tomorrow.
    Then you want me to fight you then?

    I'm not Sora, but I'll do what I can?

    I don't want to hurt you but if I have too...
    I see, I see xD The only shows you've named so far that I haven't seen are Code Geass, Death Note, Blood + and Yu Yu Hakusho.

    I like Bleach, Full metal Alchemist Beotherhood and Deadman Wonderland.

    In that case, I wish you luck on Monday! Maybe next time around you'll be able to learn French. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out between you and your girlfriend.

    Nah, I didn't really notice the conversation between you two, much xD I think its pretty cool how in depth you are with knowledge. I find it very fascinating and intriguing. Just hearing your opinion on different things. Hmm I always seen you as somebody like Zexion or Diz. Vastly known for their knowledge and searching for more to learn.
    It's good to hear that you're still breathing, lol xD

    I'm doing good, just watching Toonami.

    I like your avatar btw :D I know you like DBZ but I don't think I ever asked you what othe kind of anime that you liked.

    So what's new with you?
    Hello Memory Master :] it's been quite a long time since we've last spoken.

    How are you doing?
    Your gonna be given things other things Thing I problely wouldn't even dream off..

    You need to learn there is balnce with everyone, you can't get full hurt everyone, it doesn't work. I know!

    Also your not alone, you are never alone!
    .........I'm only this way cause of the people I've met.

    Dude you meet new people or join a Christan club.

    Also yeah your gonna rebel, it's part of being human, angels even do it.Is it right no, is it gonna happen yes! You need to learn to live with it! Don't go all Frollo and sing Hellfire cause you get a boner off a hot girl.
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