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  • Thought I'd stop by some time or another.

    It's been a while, how've you been? :]
    LOL. When reading it like that, it does sound like one hell of a compromise. Not that my dad has much say in anything. :D!

    I suppose it is pretty funny, huh? Looking back, I can really laugh at his/her bewilderment, 'cuz that line must have been so confusing. But I couldn't help but ask.

    I'm stronger than I was before. I still have my weak moments, though. That's normal.
    Yeah. Well, they compromised. My mother wanted Amelia, my dad wanted Amy. So, they named me Amelia, and I'm called Amy. But, really, I like Amelia more. It's more unique.
    I'm surprised that I even met the one.

    LOL, I just had to say it, because if she knew me at all, she wouldn't have remarked so off handedly about Kairi. I didn't really mean for it to be sarcastic or anything.

    Yep, that's what I believe. I haven't changed my name yet!
    :D LOL, thank you. My parents are why I have my name, really. That and my nana. I do like my name, though. I've only ever met one other Amelia in my entire 19 years. Yeah, I think you repped me only a couple of days ago. You have to rep 20 other people after me to rep me again. Goes the same with anyone.

    Thanks. Some would probably think it really stupid, and, in some ways, it is, but since it means a lot, I don't really care. I plan on it. Sure, I still have my bad days, but I know that life's worth it in the end.
    It doesn't matter. On the contrary, CoM was all but torment for me on the GBA but the story shined through regardless.
    The dialogs were better written; the plot, albeit linear, was better connected inside itself. If you don't want to compare KH2 and CoM, then KH1. Same differences. KH1 - take a single world out, the entire puzzle falls apart.
    KH2 - take out all the worlds west of Disney Castle, and plot wise - you won't feel the difference so long as you give Luxord a world to be on.
    But then again that means pushing up the amount of Org interference in the better written worlds, so that would actually be a plus.
    Chain of Memories compared to a lot of things is quite a noticable difference, much more so when compared with KH2.
    So long as Nojima won't have ultimate reign over the writing like he did in KH2, I'll be fine.

    Yes, it happens when the site lags. Leave it alone and it'll go away in a few days.
    Exactly. Even more so there's value in her presence if my theory about Sora's "You've changed, Kairi" comments is right and she used to be more Namine like in character :3

    multi tasking.
    I am, after all, a woman.
    or if we say PoHs/BWHoPL are capable of being corrupted, that does bring the possibility of one being purified to fit the role.
    I really hope they'll go into that ;; it'll be all but a saving for Kairi as a character ._.
    We just might find out that issue, seeing how there were 7 BWHoPL 10 years ago in BBS, but Alice is supposed to be younger than that in KH1.
    As it stands, I'm going with either "there doesn't have to be 7 at the time, but you need 7 to get to KH", or "as soon as one dies - or is curropted should such a thing be possible - another PoH is born - or alternatively, is purified to become one".

    I tend to think they had other BWHoPL.
    LOL, I get a couple of rep spreads. People who rep me because they want to rep someone else. Either way, it ends nicely for me. And, it doesn't really matter to me why people rep me. It's nice that they do.

    LOL, they repped me for my real name- the one that appears in my signature, not my username. I came up with the name because it meant a lot to me. I used to be really depressed, and then I got it in my head that there's more to life than just being depressed. So, now, I try to love life, no matter what's thrown my way.
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