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  • Hi! :D
    I only have two RPs up right now and one's barely active. They're both KH RPs. I'm tempted to make a TWEWY RP in honor of it being out for a year, but I doubt I'll make it. ^^;
    No problem at all. :3

    My break's been pretty nice so far. I got to spend a lot of time with my grandparents lately, and have visited a couple of friends whom I hadn't seen for ages. I've almost completely forgotten about my school life. xD

    Break was pretty nice, I say. :D
    Oh, lol. You look much older on your album photos.

    Seems like just about everyone is starting their breaks now, that's great. :D

    Really? Spring just started over here in Germany. It's great.
    After all the mediocre snowy rain weather, it's nice to see the sun again I tell ya. :3
    6 more years?
    Wow, I had actually pictured you much older all the time. o.o

    Yeah, I think I know what you mean. It's just that lately it's been the exact opposite for me. It feels like it just never ends. .__.
    What's with the balls-hate? D:
    They're deliciou-...


    Oh boy, I know what you're talking about. Although my mother doesn't do it explicitly, I can tell from her reactions to my grades that she expects so much more from me. I guess they grow out of that sooner or later, though.

    How many more years do you have till graduation? :D
    "Goin' ok, I suppose"? That doesn't sound too good. xD

    Can't complain either, just started my two week Easter holidays. :3
    I've been having a lot of stress in school lately, so I probably could use a good break.
    Hey Mike, thought I'd stop by to say hello once in a while.
    We added each other to our friends lists, yet I never talk to you. How rude of me. :3

    How's everything going?
    I'm sorry to hear that. Hope they weren't too bad D:

    So are we going to see more of you now? I hope so =D
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