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  • oh wow ( that sucks well at least tomorrow i'll get up early just to check if your on

    Over here in New Jersey it's 5:00
    = O then i wouldn't be able to post !!!

    oh and i already posted just saying = )
    well i think it's both ( i think its more fair when you have two people to go after you just posted in order to post again ) SO that way everything is fair and no one is left out since it's no order
    well i say 2 people i dont really know ( your good )

    hm... now i have to think of what Hiro will do ... Xp
    yea i read but i'll have to wait untill someone goes before me to post or it'll seem unfair
    i just replied rite now Xp i hope you like it = )

    the RP is going on great.
    yea i'm sorta slow though ( I'm like multi tasking ) goo post now lets see what hiro does
    actually i think you have to wait ( Key and Teny are going i think idk sincei had to redo my character when i saw that he was erased by mistake when i tried to fix him up while using internet from my PS3)
    hm. Ammy and Hiro i wonder how that would be.
    well i usually focus on two characters or three
    even though i have 4
    i wonder what you character will do now that Hiro said hi ( my character is Hiro just saying )
    well i said laughs because my when my friend had a dude sit next to him he came out of nowhere
    " I don't think you wanna sit there ,... I'm gay" but it was a joke of course

    hahaha wow well it's crowded and .. um ... idk

    oh and in the RP i have it so One of my characters meets one of your characters. = ) so we can see what happens Xp
    its okay ( had a few laughs when i was in my buss )

    i choose last time ( and you can't chose the same subject Xp )
    yea i know i wanna see it but itll probably be in Japanese which really sucks

    oh okay talk to you tomorrow = )
    hm ... well Fairy tale and D.gray man had an interesting start and now D.gray man is not ganna start untill december. which really makes me sad and it'll be monthly which is worse v_v
    cool ( so far the begining of the Manga ( yea im reading it ) is sorta boring but i think it'll get interestin ( i hope )
    hahaha thats pretty funny but why do they hit the girl ?!? ( sorry just began to read it )
    hey hows it goin ( hm ... dats a toughy .... i guess Zombie Loan ( didn't get o read it but ima read it right now ) )
    alright i guess i'll talk to you when you get back on =)

    and I will read ( or watch ) zombie loan
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