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  • what holiday do they have that is awesome ( unique holidays other then normal holidays of course Xp )

    Hey you should psot in the HS RP since i already put my Temp up in the Zombie Loan Rp... O-O
    Sims can be hawt?
    Mine are always proposterously ugly and I can never restore them. D:

    Miku: Tired, and I have a throat ache. D:
    T'was the concert's fault, I bet'cha...
    Mikuo: -Points to the game cubboard infront of them-
    yea i saw it. Xp. I was talking about THanksgiving. which was last thursday.
    And when you're a young'in. xD

    Miku: How's Rin-Rin? ^___^
    Mikuo: ... -Looks at broken Xbox mic-
    -Looks at Akaito-
    ...Wanna play now? ~_~

    Hopefully my computer at my dad's house can do eet.
    Well it is the holidays. well was. People were probably spending their time with there family.

    My brain hurts alot now O_O its like my eyes are popping out
    Hell yeah I still wanna join, I just left my template.

    Thanks Miku, when I first saw it I knew immediately I wanted to do it.
    Unfortunetly i sort of doubt people are Zombie Loan fans.

    it would've had a couple by now if it did.

    DOn't worry I'll make a temp :)
    Funny, it doesn't even feel like my birfday. x3

    Miku: -Pounces a glomp to Rin-Rin-
    Mikuo: -Wham-

    I really want Sims 3 but I dunno if my computer can handle it. DD:
    * facepalm* OMG

    I'll have my temp up. But im really bussy right now. I'll do it later. I promised I'll do it. and i try not to break promisees
    Miku: -Wave wave wave wave-
    Mikuo: -Smashing mic to ground repeatedly-

    Haaaaai. =D
    Yus, Rin went on concert, but no, Akaito didn't.

    Only Miku, Rin, Len, Meiko, Kaito and Luka went.
    Gasp! Poor thing. x3
    -Pets deaf llama-

    One more thingy you can do?
    The RP thread is up and you've not poosted yeeet~
    ILY~<33 Ty ty ty!
    Here's a llama for my gratatude~
    nothing much, just about to post in a RP and poppin to music. That's about it.

    OH and breathing. Xp
    omg. your such an addict
    yea that's true
    so watcha doin ?!?( probably reading Zombie Loan )
    Alright fine I promise to make a template. Even if it'll kill me

    no its more like OBSESSED about it. But in a good way... maybe
    hehehe Okay. But don't expect it so fast. im really busy so i'll probably have it by tomorrow.
    Oh God you and your Zombie Loan.
    # SF-A2 miki: Japanese female (December 4, 2009)
    # Kaai Yuki: Japanese female (December 4, 2009)
    # Hiyama Kiyoteru: Japanese male (December 4, 2009)

    hahaha that was a nice one Xp

    omg calm down. DOn't force it on me Xp. I don't know most of the characters yet.
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