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  • A recent thread brought up some interesting encounters I had while growing up. One memory was when I was just a freshman in high school. I went to this afterschool program and I had a tutor who was from St. Petersburg, Russia. She was an agnostic. And, I stated my view about what my mom taught me growing up that all religions have some sort of connection to them. The woman disagreed with me and gave me a very serious look and said something like all religions are different from each other and it is dangerous to combine them. I mean, a while ago I talked to my neighbor about reincarnation. He's a big Protestant, but he grew up mostly Catholic. He quoted a verse that said "It is only for man to die once than comes the judgement."
    How's it going tonight? Anyways, I've been thinking about this for awhile now. Sora could have awaken, but Namine didn't want him to wake up, because his memories weren't there yet. But, she said she wouldn't let him wake, because nobody would remember him.
    Well, my idea has to do with someone else that inherits Sora's Keyblade. And, Sora's Keyblade originally belonged to Ven's little brother, Viento.
    Are you any good at writing fanfics? I have this idea of Vanitas coming back by using Sora's darkness. And, Sora manages to defeat Vanitas, but he loses his heart. Reminds you of Ventus?
    Ugh, Inorite? I've got finals first week in December. So much studying. ;n; I had to get away for a little while, so I went to a Halloween party with a friend.

    Well, kinda. I was kinda hoping we'd run into a house with a really fcked up history, but the most fcked up we got was that an idiot try to remodel the inside by himself and put ceramic tile over hardwood flooring. :|

    Aww. Well, he's in there. Somewhere in that sea of pregnancy hormones.
    I can understand. I've been super busy and November is going to be the busiest month. So many projects and papers. -dies-

    Aw! Househunting! Is it fun?

    (lol right now Father of the Bride II is on and there is a big lack of George Newbern right now.)
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