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  • In terms of becoming a junes regular, I probably should, and I probably shouldn't. I'll drop by at some point though for sure :)
    I'm working in Calgary, Alberta. Think of it as the Texas of Canada.
    I figure I had to try out the oil industry for coop since I'm studying chem eng.
    How have you been?
    lol I don't think a picture of Donald suits a Monkey.
    I'm doing fine. I'm working a coop work-term right now, so I'm like 2000 miles from home, but it's been good.
    Not to be weird, but I feel like it would be cool to have a conversation with you sometime? In the sense that I've been aware of your existence for years, but I've never talked to you directly, which is probably a shame :)
    I know I bitch a lot in the college thread but man. People really enjoy ganging up and hopping on my nuts in threads sometimes lol. Now that I stopped posting on GVG they know where to find me lol

    It's always the people that hardly post at all.
    Well, I go to the Future of KH section every once in a while. Also, I'm in an RP (Keyblade War part 2), the Kingdom Key fanclub (place of randomness) and I pop in on random threads from time to time. Hope to ses you around sometime! BTW, nice avvy!
    im really touched though, thank you seriously. lol i just couldn't take money from you especially
    I mean if I went to a school that had us take 10 week classes year-round, then yeah I'd have had a shit ton of credits by the time I was a sophomore as well. But when your classes are that scrunched, I think you have to leave a certain amount of content out so there are probably classes that he takes that are covered in segments over his system that we might cover in 1 or 2 semesters. Which is fine. I don't know. I think I remember him saying that they spend the first two years getting all that stuff out of the way so they can intern or something their last year or two....or something like that.
    man how do i analyse/address particular bias against islam when the issues i have with it - to the best of my knowledge - are pretty much the same as in other religions that i don't feel as negative about :c
    bro it's aight i was just like upset and idk i just wanted you for some reason lol
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