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    Keyblade Transformations

    So looking through Nomura's information on KH3, I read that each keyblade will have its own transformation akin to the guns/cannon shown in the KH3 footage. EACH KEYBLADE. Think of all the unique weapons you'll be able to make! I have no doubt KH3 will have a ton of blades just like KH2, but...
  2. Mr Yippie

    If KH3DHD is released...

    What will be attached with it? Will it just be the game on its own? I somewhat doubt it.
  3. Mr Yippie

    How Has KH3D Impacted You?

    that does not diminish their substance or stance as "main entries" in the slightest, although you may feel like they have been in regards to the shifting story
  4. Mr Yippie

    How Has KH3D Impacted You?

    I've been trying to decipher what this sentence means and how it was logically formed for a while now I've got nothing
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    Are they releasing 1.5 HD in NA and EU in the fall because...

    its getting released so sony can have a backup guaranteed sale in the fall season its strictly business
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    What should 2.5 HD include?

    it makes sense for them to not do anything with KH3D BUT it seems like a wasted opportunity to do nothing with the game that is pretty much 2.5 in the collection called 2.5 I'll take BBS/3D over BBS/Coded movie ANY day
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    News ► New HD Re:Chain of Memories Screenshots From GameWatch!

    hooly habbibtabh those textures
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    Combining KHFM and KH2FM+

    oh i didnt know that so that means 2FM, BBSFM and probably a Coded movie or maybe they can make a console version of KH3D? Considering it IS 2.5, and 3D is pretty much the 2.5 game of the series probably too much work though
  9. Mr Yippie

    How Has KH3D Impacted You?

    it made me think that KH is becoming more than just "that game with the cameos" the writing was a real pleasant surprise
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Towel!

    if you put on the versus perfume do you cease to exist or do I stop developing (even further)
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    Combining KHFM and KH2FM+

    I'm interested in what will be coming with 2FM more than 2FM itself re:Coded? BBS remaster? BBS cutscene only? that one may make people cry I wouldn't mind KH2FM, BBSFM and a Coded movie
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Towel!

    They should make shirts with that argyle
  13. Mr Yippie

    Regarding Kairi

    terra is a dark brute, aqua is a light mage riku is a dark mage, kairi is a light brute kaching i mean i KNOW the chances that she's gonna be Pearl spam 2.0 are really high, but a man can dream
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    Regarding Kairi

    Light-based attacks like Faith and Salvation for Kairi seem rather tired, and are much more Sora's schtick at this point I hope that she's a heavy hitter like Terra (both have earth themes, Kairi wields the blade like a club) and uses nature/ground attacks to spice things up instead of a mage...
  15. Mr Yippie

    Any new features in the HD 1.5?

    as in no full rendered magic cutscenes or nothin period