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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    I'll admit, I do underestimated the impact of mobile in Japan and considering the culture there, yeah, mobile titles being as popular as they are makes a lot of sense. Japanese and American culture is widely different in a lot ways. You are right about that because Americans (including myself...
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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    Or, even better, you want to get your thoughts out properly and be understood on your position but a single tweet can't let you do that, so you make a thread and then you get accused of being a crazy person by the other side. That's fun lol
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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    I had this thought process as well until Genshin Impact came out and my immediate thought was "this is what KHUx and Dark Road should be" and I don't understand why it wasn't. I hated KH bring on handheld consoles because the its obviously a step down somewhat. It just didn't reach that point...
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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    That's the thing for me, yeah. I was never trying to "pick a fight" with anyone and it was very hard to not come off that way honestly. Last thing I want to do is cause drama over a video games series. It really isn't that serious but I guess twitter is jist designed that. Toke me a minute to...
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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    I have a thick skin. That's not really the issue. At the end of day, there opinion is there opinion. It just got frustrating at a certain point and I think after about a year, I feel like I can complain a bit. Some fans also need some thick skin as well if we're talking spade to spade here. But...
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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    I never knew about any of this and it makes so much sense. Xehanort's lack of screentime, flimsy motivation that isn't exactly line up with BBS, and everything involving BBS trio feeling a bit off besides all the Aqua stuff? Dark Road coming out before KH3 would've made up so much for KH3...
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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    I agree. I like forum discussion so much better because I feel like you can actually speak your mind on whatever end of the spectrum. Because even though sometimes discussion can get heated and all that, at least it isn't telling others that your opinion doesn't matter and you should shut up. At...
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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    Am Yeah, I probably shouldn't. I know myself I can take things personally so I'm always making sure I'm aware of that but I don't want scare off fans of the series because I genuinely don' mean to divisive or to start shit. But I think you are right and that it does have to do with the nature...
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    Is it wrong to critque the series so much?

    So I've been hanging out on Twitter for the last few months. I've had good interaction here and there but everytime I brought a criticism or anything that worries me a out the future of the series, I get dogpiled very easily. And its pretty frustrating honestly. I don't do it to openly attack...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary trailer + event announced

    I'm buying that chess board. *sees its $600* ...I'm buying that chess board
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    Sora from Kingdom Hearts announced as a new DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I'm so fucking happy. They all said (including me) it would never happen. Holy shit, were a lot of us proven wrong 😅 Also yes this is my head canon now. Sora got in Smash after KH3 Re: mind ending and before meeting Yozora. That's cool as fuck to me.
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    How are you feeling about the future of KH?

    Yeah... this is pretty much how I feel. Union X finale didn't do much for me besides answer a few questions, bring up new ones, ignore some old questions, and never give answers to either and said "wait until the next game". In true Kingdom Hearts fashion lol In all honesty, its not that the...
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    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    Currently in a wait and see kind of mode right now but everything seems like it could go one way or the other. All the plot threads moving forward could lead to interesting dymanics and character progression. That's really all I want at this point. I want the characters we've built up at this...
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    Okay, this whole Shibuya nonesense is confusing ...

    Neo: The World Ends with You having no connection to KH is what I expected honestly. So that's not something to really be mad about. Its their game, let the fans have the game they've waited a long time for. My issue is that I feel Noruma is absolutely 💯 fucking with us because I do not believe...
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    Some don't want Disney in the next Kingdom Hearts games anymore

    Well, I write long posts (mostly to get my general thoughts out) and I'm a cheeky shit about certain topics sometimes too because... eh, I just am. So that's mainly on me 😆 but I never mean to be mean about it, so I apologize. This has a been topic for quite sometime, so much so that a lot of...