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  • hm..my group always has youske and chie in it the 4th spot is either Naoto or Yukiko, tho i usually go with yukiko cause unlike everyone else her persona always has an elemental weakness even when its her ultimate persona.

    did you like the flavor?~

    yep. they had 3 one a water bender, one cant bend and Tenzin there is the only airbender.

    i cant blame you yukari was just....i wanted to slap her >: like a bitch.

    that was my randomness seeping in~

    i actually had an easier time beating VS, Nyx and even MF than i did the LS it was so hard. yeah long as you dont mind paying for swap magic and installing it.
    me neither i dont even know why i like FF13 honestly XD but i do.
    no they is no equals! yes godly i was so boss i was godly. you get it after doing the two side missions on the ranch the milk they give you give you inf magic til you play the song of time. XD you dumb then those fairy tasks gave you things like double magic, double defense, the great fairy sword, cant remember last one.
    i know that goron race is hard to do the first time >.<

    what did you think? :D did izaya make you lol?
    i dunno some times people just dont connect.

    haha i had already licked that to >:D -gets out another.

    actually thats aangs youngest son. so far he's been hilarious and not even meant to be XD

    XD haha i know when i had to fight them i was like "oh shit..." cause i made sure they leveled at least 5 every door.
    just call me....-dramatic pause- [IMG] that guy~

    yeah i was able to beat him but it took 3 whole days of me retrying @^@ it was awful he was so boss you hate him for it. you can get it pretty easily actually.
    you dont play many of FF either then?
    psssh there'd be no MM without OoT. seriously MM is very good to and deity link made me feel godly XD i had drunk that milk that gives you inf magic to so i was so boss that the last boss couldnt even be a boss.

    [IMG] fank u~

    so see any? XD
    Warm weather... the weather's been varied down here, but I remember a really hot day earlier this week. I've been bogged down by school work a lot. :'c

    Yep. :c I've managed to reach where I was before at least, it just makes my goal seem farther away...

    It's so hard, though! D: I was looking around tumblr and one of the posts read, in big bold letter "OMG THE SECRET END FOR 3D..." I clicked outta there as fast as possible. :C

    i don't think I've ever found a place where I can rock climb, like on a wall, so I've never done that. Have you?

    Where symbols stand for other people, mostly. :3

    Are you in a college?
    yeah but none of them talk to me XD
    suuuuure kid whatever you say~

    it has humor like so [IMG] but yeah sokka is hard to beat XD

    did you play Persona 3 Fes?
    honestly didnt know i did XD

    @^@ the Lingering Sentiment from kh2 final mix....he was the worst 3 days of hell i've ever had.
    FF13, FF13-2, Crisis core, the original on psp, and one ds one is all.
    Ocarina of Time<3
    pssh cuz they my shades man [IMG]

    ya know the point of the questions is to find a topic not to keep making them XD
    i've watched a big bang theory or two.
    its on saturday mornings at 11am and played a few more later that day and sunday.
    :D hell yeah persona 4! bout time i found another one who's played it.
    you tell me "kid".

    i like it even more so than i did aang actually, tho i do miss sokka's humor.
    [IMG] confidential information~
    oh lord yes a few would be Zelda, Persona 3 & 4 infamous (could go on but i'll start with three recents)
    rock, gotta have some rock to make me roll man~ :cool:
    Hichigo, Vergil, and uh...crap i know i got more >: just need to think.
    thats just a wuss' excuse you fail! pssh take off that ulquiorra avie of awesome >: (was trying to be over dramatic but ended up amusing myself lol~)

    oh it is~

    -makes wish- psssh if it a topic thats easy~
    watch anything new?
    ever watch legend of korra?
    play any new games?
    how young do you claim to be?
    are you like the rest of us and disappointed in bleach over all?
    how can you say differently if you wont play it! >:

    i is good been playing DMC and being all boss on dem demons yo.
    Now that that's outta the way~ What have you been up to? :3

    Not a whole lot, but still a good amount. :< It hurt to see them all just disappear...

    So the game's a surprise! It's a personal choice, a lot of people go ahead and look, and a lot don't. I just wanted to know where you stand on the matter.

    Yep, ever since I was little my dad took us mountain climbing! Looks like it, I hadn't expected that. :D

    I'm attempting a bit of symbolism, and it's centered around Kairi.

    About... 4 weeks, why?
    you havent played TWEWY!?

    nah done got one
    Hehe, I could drag this out, but let's just agree to forgive each other for late replies. <3

    The Make a Confession Thread. ;o;
    Thanks, I'll definitely need it!

    Amelia: Not really. I always wanted to travel...

    ;3; Are you avoiding spoilers or looking?

    I've climbed lots of mountains before! Dad always used to take me mountain climbing whenever we visited. I hated the really steep parts.

    I'm working on a just for fun picture right now. :D

    Hehe, it's no problem. I messed up on a post, so I've not been all the way thereeither.

    You're welcome~ It's true.

    Haha, just the day. :p
    ;3; It's okay, I deserve it because of how many times I do it.

    I just lost a bunch of that progress when I thread got moved to FI, though. ;~;
    :D Yeah, I'll just join more RPs~ I was planning to, anyway.

    Amelia: Flowers... huh. Like back home.

    I have to be careful about the KH wiki now, though, it's probably full of unmarked 3D spoilers! :eek:

    There must be something, no one is fearless. :3

    Lan? Yeah, he said he loved it! I'm so happy I didn't disappoint him! <3

    :p I'm already in now~

    That's one things that makes you such a great friend, though, it shows how much you care. <3

    I is great! Got out of school early and won some academic awards. I just wish my dad could have come to watch me...
    you should mugetsu is just boss.

    no actally i came back for other reasons, however when i came back it was on my old premium account so i had to make this platiunm one since then.
    the reasons vary~

    that wont work! -eats cookie-
    if you seen the fight with aizen you done know what mugetus does.

    hm....both included....well damn i've been here at least since the kh2fm trailer was the biggest topic, i can even remember all the "terra is xehanort" and "roxas has ven's heart!" theories that were eventually proven right XD

    how you earn it is a thing only anagram knows~
    i have yet to see either in the anime so i dont know myself :[ manga wise i liked the Uqluorria one more however nothing is more awesome than ichigo's final getsuga and mugetsu.


    alright. been playing DMC hd collection and winning like a boss! hahaha this account alone or my old one included?

    nah a ghost is a title you earn~
    i know his spear things are freakin over kill o,0 they make castle size craters.

    hello to you! how is you?
    Ulquiorra was pretty cool a villain for bleach i think tho his 2nd form screams emo XD

    @^@ why is he starring so hard!?
    XD i didnt hear deny it either~

    like your new avie @_@ its like he's staring into my soul......
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