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  • I agree, those were the best parts. Doing all the missions got a little tedious after a while, after all. :3

    Good point. He was a comrade, after all, so it probably hurt them to see him go... Xigbar, for one, took up the "the traitor must die!" mindset. He didn't seem sad about it.

    Wow, already? I'm still working on mine...

    Okay, then. I look forward to that, too! ^_^
    :D I don't know if it's my favorite, but I definitely loved it. :3

    That's the thing. When Luxord was taken down by Sora, he sounded completely betrayed. His last words were,"Why... Roxas...?" Or something to that effect. It makes Roxas's end all the sadder. :c

    The more the merrier, then! I'm trying to come up with a character to add now. :D

    Okay, I'll see you then, Muramasa!
    Thanks! I loved playing Days, the way all the partners acted differently was so interesting to me~ So I got it memorized.

    And two of them died in CoM, while his two best friends were involved in a web of secrets... poor kid had almost no one. ;-;

    I will, I promise! :3

    We're thinking about joining Road to Oblivion. It looks lie Luna's joining that, too. ^_^ I think he'll be a bad guy, too, he's just so good at it.

    Good to hear.
    Let's see... Xemnas was mysterious, Xigbar was trolling, Xaldin called Roxas an idiot, too, Vexen called him an idiot, Zexion was pretty patient and nice with him, Lexaeus... punched him in the face... Saix was a jerk, Axel was his best friend, Demyx kept pushing his work on him, Luxord was quite polite, Larxene... was a witch... Marluxia was pretty polite, Xion was his best friend.
    So all the members that were polite to Roxas: Luxord, Zexion, Marluxia, Axel, Xion. No wonder he left... xD

    I've been working on writing it since yesterday. It's not the best quality, but hopefully I make progress, soon.

    Me and DMrayZ decided to try and find one to join! :D

    Good morning! I'm doing fine, how are you?
    Me, too. His death was too sad not to pity, though. Yeah, that had to be one of my least favorite missions... At least Marluxia was polite to the newbie.

    Yes, I hope to write a sort of... alternate continuation of KH? Since Radiant Garden was overtaken by the darkness, I imagined hr somewhere else... if I ever get around to writing it, you'll find out where.

    You think so? :3 Maybe... maybe I'll try to join one soon, then.
    You, are a true warrior, Muramasa-san, It'd give me great pleasure to call a truce here.
    I liked Even, he was cool. He looked out for Ienzo and was foreshadowing. Watching him die... i had to feel sorry for the guy. Axel was cruel there. Very cool, but cruel nonetheless. The mission where he taught us recon. He called Roxas an idiot all throughout that mission... Just a little frustrated, haha. :3

    Aw, thanks. I'll mae sure not to let you down there, then. :D

    What kind of story I want to post here? A KH where Kairi didn't end up on Destiny Islands. I think there's potential in my story idea, maybe... I don't know how I'd start it, though...

    It's not about one I like, per se. I don't think I'm good enough to join in...
    I'd feel sorry for Vexen... but after that mission with him in days, I wanted to shoot him down. So, yeah, go Marluxia!

    Oh, good. Tell me if I do start to annoy you, though!

    I want to write a story for Creative Writing, too! That's what I was forgetting! Mostly because I don't know how to get my story off the ground.

    I'm not sure, really...
    Vexen getting mad is always priceless. He just thinks so highly of himself, and most of the lower ranks certainly don't.

    Oh, okay, I thought you might have thought it would've been annoying. ^^;

    There are some cool debates I've taken part in. Those were fun. c: I'd love to join an RP, too, but I'm not quite confident enough yet. You?
    And Vexen hates that with a passion. Marluxia's just to good for him, haha.

    I wouldn't do something that annoying, don't worry. ^_^
    Marluxia and Vexen's obvious rivalry is interesting. :3 I have a list of reasons I like Kairi, but I get tired of typing it~ xD
    I love how in days he keeps fixing that hair. X3 My favorite is Kairi. I like how kind and outgoing she is, and how hard she tries despite not having any powers. :3
    I love Marluxia, too! He's an awesome kind of evil, with an awesome kind of weapon! ^_^ Yup, but it's been inactive for a while. ^^;

    I was in character fanclubs and a few couples fanclubs. Which KH characters do you like? Also, I made a fanclub for humility~ Haha, it was my friend's idea, though. I have to post outside of it sometimes if I want to increase my posts, though. xD

    Yup! Let's enjoy the present, and worry about other things when we get there~
    Well, the very first thing I did was post in a fanclub. Then I didn't know what to do, so I just floated around the fanclub section, then later forum games. I got my first friend here a few days later, actually. I was reluctant to leave Forum Insanity for quite a while... ^_^;

    I think it is cheating, although no real rules have been made for it. I see where they're coming from, too, and it is pretty funny in hindsight. It just is sad to not be able to play it during those times...
    I'm glad to have been that friend~ I remember my first day. :3

    I know, it never gets old to me! Sadly, some have closed it to keep the win to themselves before...
    I think so, too! I really like it here, and I hope you come to like it, as well. :D

    Until one of us logs off for the night, I suppose. And even then, it'll start up again. I like that about the game. :3 Unless, of course, the thread gets closed.
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