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  • I don't know if I'm going to go. I might just hang around Highland Park and see if I can hear the bands. lol
    It's from an artist on deviantART.

    That's where I get most of my sigs from :<
    If his hair is magic, then...I want to run my fingers through it and see if it smells of strawberries.

    I KNOW LOL this one matches my mood more today hehe.
    thanks mynny ^^ i hope we can get through this school year together!!
    aw *loved* >w<

    i've been okay. very tired and overworked...i can't wait for this school year to lighten up...
    XD Funny how we do that kinda stuff, huh...

    Hey, what did it every do to you?! D: kidding. Night Mynny-chan~
    I like to come back to some pages and then draw stuffs *w* like the Lelouch and Suzaku I did a while ago from the first Code Geass manga. I seem to not touch a lot of stuff again after I get it... Kinda silly but I guess there's generally something that replaces it to an extent >.<
    ... XD Poor Mynny~

    Ooh awesome :D Spice & Wolf didn't seem half bad, actually... I've only seen a couple of episodes, mind you. Ugh I hate that :c I like to actually buy the manga, too; reading online is nowhere near as exhilerating or appealing to me.
    I know x3

    Hmm... Well I bought myself a PSVITA, so I've been playing Lord of Apocalypse on that heaps... Been playing American McGee's Alice a fair bit, too. I'd recommend that + Alice: Madness Returns to you; nice and violent for you! XD How about you? Been up to much aside from school?
    Zomg Mynny-chan! Long time no speak!

    Eeh I haven't been that well lately. How about you? Keeping out of mischief, i hope? XD
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