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Mythological Omega

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  • Dude, so epic. If their album's anything like that I'm sure getting it.
    You couldn't really tell much of a difference between Mangini and Portnoy either
    Mangini, that's his name, yeah.
    I know a couple of hits, but I was thinking of buying an album of theirs sometime before I buy their upcoming one. Which do you think is their best? Or should I just go with their Greatest Hit/s album? (I remember the title saying something like greatest hit and 19 other cool songs)
    Hey man, what do you think of Dream Theater making a new album without Mike? Saw it'd be coming out soonish, September? Haven't heard much about the new drummer, just wondering on your thoughts since you're a pretty big fan of them and all
    Glad to see another Dream Theater fan, favorite album is Scenes From A Memory. Man that album was in rotation for the longest back in my preteens around 11-12. Good times.
    Yeah, I hardly ever listen to the Black Album or Death Magnetic because of that. xD

    I couldn't either for the longest time, but something appeared in my mind on him singing "Ride The Lightning" and it's weird. I dunno, maybe it's just an idea of how a more operatic singer would sing in a thrash band? xD
    Thrash, Progressive, Some groove and whatever you'd call Iron Maiden. xD I suppose that'd be classic heavy metal?

    I forgot how much I loved James Hetfield's voice on the old Metallica albums. xD But all of a sudden, I began to imagine Bruce Dickinson singing those songs and my mind imploded from the epicness. o.o
    Found this online, maybe this will help?

    Essay Tips: Rogerian Argument Topics

    It seemed like a pretty good list to me, hopefully it can help you out as well.
    Haha, my name change must of thrown you off.

    Previously, S/\|T0 and before that Shadowkeyblader.
    We use to talk about RB all the time haha
    I heard about it on their Myspace today. Considering ripping it from a Youtube vid.
    I don't recall a poo load etiher.. but i do remember the group :) it took like a week or two to finally get together... only to realize we didn't have a point to have made it in the first place... Lol
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