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  • I saw you around as Namimaru. I don't remember where or any specifics only that I saw you. I was previously known as umazak, Bleeding Soul and now Darkfyre. I joined over four years ago.
    Quick question. When did you join? There is a chance that you and I met under different names or something.
    You wanna move here to avoid massive spam? I'm at the point that I could continue for a long time.
    I meant my 12 o clock, PST time xD
    Shoulda made that clear. I'll tell you what, I'll work on it right now instead of my school work to make it up for you, okay?
    I'll get on it today. It should be up before midnight tonight, since once of my classes has a quiz set on the internet due by 12, and I plan on taking that then start writing the intro post. So, by tonight it'll be up, unless I like, get abducted by aliens or something. :p
    Heyo there it's me Gesso, we've seen each other around I'm positive. How be you?
    We're not allowed to go outside when it's all wet outside. ;D And it was always all wet outside, especially at like, 7:40 in the morning. That's why I liked it. But I was usually inside anyway, seeing that I took archery and womans fitness for most of the year. :v

    Ugh. You ruin EEEVERYTHING.
    D: What did we do? All we did was say hii. T_T
    ;w; Luckily, I have like, two friends in my gym. But it's last period gym, which is horrible because in the summer it's like the HOTTEST TIME OF THE DAY. shjdgk I had first period gym last year and it was glorious.

    What were you -INTERRUPTED BY MIKOU- fffff....
    Kaiko: Haaaii everyonnee~! =^_^=
    Not when I unlock my ultimate Limit break! Here we go! Fusion spellblade! Burning Slash, Freezing Stab, Shocking Swipe, Stellar spin, Darkness powerstrike, Holy Charge! Ultima Combo!
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