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  • nope... not really... I`m bored... I read intriguing comics on interesting topics Etc... I`ve started working on a Fan version of Final fantasy 15... that and I`m gonna be working my butt off because I`m in my diploma courses now...

    Fu: Hullo *drunk* Hey... you there.. wanna sit on my bicep? *Flexes Muscular Bicep*
    oh lol... well I did and I got a good set of classes for the next symester... bad news is I share classes with bullies and enemies but also some friends too...
    aaaaawwwww man... so how's Szayel?
    oh looks like he's not doing too good... I started school recently too
    Lol it's so bad. D: And we're not scary. XD My video tech class is combined with seniors. D:
    And then because I skipped history last year, I have to take the history class with all sophomores. Now, not all sophomores are annoying. Except for every god damn one at my school. @_@ I wanna die I wanna die.

    Hey, c'mon. Cheer up! -pokes cheeek-
    I wanna die omg I have like no friends in my classes and fsdhgkjsbgs I wanna diiiiee I hate it. I got screwed over so bad this year. ;~;

    I wasn't! I was being completely honest. It's fine, you're still young. Plenty of fish in the sea!
    My first day was today. T_T Nami I wanna kill myself sjdghkgjsh holy ffuvhdsjkgdf

    -pats her head- Awh, don't be embarassed. I mean, it's perfectly fine. I'm not going to judge you or anything~
    Good idea! Jesus and I are bro's, he'd looove to. Pffff

    Hey, now, I wasn't making fun of you. I'm just shocked that a pretty girl like you hasn't gotten any offers! For a boyfriend... that is. Ahem.
    YEAAAAH. Of course I'll have to wait until I'm 18 to have full control over my driving since I'm only on my permit and I need to drive with an adult, and when I'm 17 I'll only be able to drive with one other person in the car unless I'm with my family so yeah.

    ...You win this time... -glare- But yeah, that's me in a nutshell.
    Meh, she's just in NY while I'm here in NJ, so it's not a far distance at all. We're just gonna have a really hard time actually seeing each other.
    On the bright side, guess who knows how to drive now~? ;D

    Yep! Ah, manwhore... such a... degrading word... however... it's the only word I can think of that describes me...
    sjgksg Grimmjow cosplayer, met at the anime-con in september last year. =w= Started talking in January, asked me out in June~

    OH! Why didn't you just say so? ...Um... Yeah, maybe a year or so ago. Maybe two. :D
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