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  • I know but after he got out of the pool he thought: "Gotta do this quickly so that the others can be safe."
    For Ted he's usually thinking:
    "Hunh?" then "Who did this?" Then "This has Zatsune Written all over it" and he got out of the pool
    yeah... it probably would've been better if they had reacted quickly like Ted... he was out there 2 seconds after the initial heat-up
    I'll attempt it. @_@

    -blinks- So you are alright? I mean... I didn't... you didn't have to... and I didn't want to rush you into anything. But... etoooo
    I'll post later. *w* I'm doing Chemistry right now and my friend is over. :v

    Sorry sorry. I'm actually doing work. XD By next week I'll be a lot more post-y.

    I only buy manga's after I read it online and deem it worthy of buying. *w* Or if I like collecting them like the latest Bleach ones, and Higurashi. Though I plan on buying Mirai Nikki next time I go to the mall.

    -stops, holds her by her shoulders- You need to sit down? I can... uh, I mean, I don't... want you to get hurt but I... @_@
    I know. Omg. @_@

    I love take-out. But my dad's like rly a summer person and he's like "YEAH LET'S BBQ YEAH YEAH" XD

    That's the spirit~! *w* I'm waiting for my book to come in the mail, prolly tomorrow. If it doesn't come by tomorrow I'll go batshit insane.

    I love you. -smiles, blinks and backs away- W-wait, am I being punk'd or something? I mean... Ah. I do! Yeah.
    Yep. @_@ sdjfhdsjkgdf Apparently my friends on facebook got the entire story mixed up so I was scared for nothing.
    Two terrorists were at the JFK airport.
    And two armed men (AKA robbers) were in my neighborhood and they killed a state trooper. :|

    Anyway. Yeah. A bbq. Lmao. And we're under tornado watch too. @_@ Today is so weird.

    D: That's poop. *HUGS* Do what I did.
    I harassed barnes and nobles for like, 3 days until they were like "OMFG OKAY WE HAVE YOUR BOOK NOW GO AWAY" 8D

    -stands still for a moment, blinking, runs up to her and wraps arms around her-
    There. <3 Even if I don't agree with Shinra's last post, I can still have some fun with it. :3
    FFF-VOCA RP. Gimme like ten minutes to type something up. D:

    I think I forgot since Szayel and everyone haven't been around too much. :<
    HSJfnsg My mom's home now. Thank god.
    But wtf the perfect day for my family to prepare a barbecue, right? My dad is so good at keeping us safe. ffffffu-

    -blinks- W-what? -more shocked than confused-
    Uragh, I'm trying. I think I'm more scared because I don't actually know anything that's going on. Gah, I hope so. Once my mom gets home, maybe I'll be a bit calmer but sgkdnh.

    T-then I'm confused... Ahh...
    D: I am. Omg. And the news isn't saying ANYTHING about it so I really have no idea on what's going on! D; They apparently escaped from JFK airport and now they're in my neighborhood. D: My mom's not in the neighborhood luckily, and she called me to tell me. But omgomg I'm freaking out. There are helicopters everywhere.

    -looks down- I understand, Miku. You don't need to explain...
    Or photoshop.

    Omfg I love dreams like that. It's highly suggested that you write down your dreams 2 minutes after you wake up because you usually forget them in 5 minutes. XD
    You should write down the general idea in like, word or something and see what you can make of it! 8D I did that once and I had like an amazing one-shot story.

    hsjgkdg Nami. D:
    There's two armed terrorists driving around my neighborhood and they're telling everyone to stay inside and I'm absolutely terrified. D: My mom's out shopping and I really feel like crying omg.

    I don't want you to apologize... Why wouldn't I forgive you? You've done nothing wrong. -smiles weakly- I respect how you feel... that's what a good friend does... right? I'm sorry...
    fffffff. Did you try searching for pictures and then altering it so fit you screen? :D I do that all the time.

    N-no. No need to apologize, Miku... I'm... I'm alright.
    You tried Kona-chan? They usually have good backgrounds.

    -chuckles- Then we were both scared. I mean, I was scared even before you ran away... I mean... uh-
    Ah yes~ <3 I love that part. That must be why they're so much fun to rp as. >w<

    I can't help it. -laughs nervously- I just got a little uh, scared when you... ran away. >////<
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