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  • lmao They hate me because I treat them with the lack of respect deserved of them and they can't stand it. They're probably either mad that the name change has done nothing like they hoped or they have this false sense of victory. haha
    Would you like me to open the thread so you can rant too? =w= I get the feeling you'd love a good rant.

    lol Why are you anticipating? Worried about windows 10?
    The PS3 version does improve the graphics (obviously) BUUUUUTTTTT like some of were talking about here: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-hd-2-5-remix/202693-hows-everyone-enjoying-81.html I tried replaying BBS because I do at least like Aqua but I've found it's incredible tedious. I've also learned the ins and outs of the broken gameplay system so level one on BBS is kinda a joke. =/
    Ugh Dont even remind me of that Xblade and Ceremony BS. I mean just really? REALLY? Are we truly the only ones that see how superfluous those concepts are?

    I didn't care for the examination myself since the worlds were empty. What I liked about Days was the script. Not the Xion BS but how it was actually....westernized. Like there is no stupid awkward supposed to be funny crap like "you guys would make the weirdest brothers derp". But actual moments like Lexeaus just bitch slapping you as training or the stick line. If all the games had that kinda wording freedom I imagine the series wouldn't feel jarring or cheesy at times.
    Sounds like Crystal had more story! =O That's so cool! Was Team Rocket better?
    I can actually replay a game as many times as I wish should I deem it replayable. Sadly Chrono Trigger just doesn't feel as such to me. I could replay it before because of new game+ but there's no way I'm redoing all of that again from scratch. o_o
    haha Why? Does your teacher clothes make you feel embarrassed in a game store?~ Crisis Core was a good handheld prequel thing. The type that you didn't need to know shit about the original haha. I was indifferent to Genesis myself. I found Angeal a decent anti-villain. TnT
    I've thought of getting X for my PS4 since I played the PS3 version but...all that stuff to redo...I'd also prefer to just get X alone rather than getting both.
    I KNOW RIGHT!? D:< People actually get all shocked when I say I chose the ending were Tidus remains dead. Can they not see how much that just ruins the story of X-2 and X's ending!? It was throwing Yuna moving on in your face the entire game then derp SE decides to please the masses and go "lol the actual ending is he lives even though he was never real~"

    I think it was irritating for just existing. I dont mind if characters get together or such but I do not want whatever THAT was in Korra. Teen drama is such bullshit that I'm actually spelling the word out. Why couldn't they have just left it at Mako & Asami to explain the team funding? Or better yet just having Asami become their friend and fund them for that reason? WHY!? o_o *flips all the tables*
    Unaloq was so.....stupid. Like most of the series he had an interesting angle but wasted use. I mean how do you go from the very true argument that to much tech to fast or in the wrong way is bad, especially in such a spiritual and naturist world like that, to "lol I dun care I just wanna be the anti-tar! Look at ma dark mojo that drumps all your elements even though I bend one!". Book 2 was basically the fire nation invades but done in a very horrible way like middle school fanficiton.
    I'm not sure Sokkas fate was ever revealed. =__= Probably best to leave him good. I fear and explanation would ruin him too.

    You finally saw it!? =D Told ya it was a cute movie. Yep there's a sequel but I haven't seen it myself. The theater is an hour away and I dont wanna go alone, makes the moving boring that way. TuT
    I find it hard to care so as your antithesis it's hard to me to comprehend caring about opinions like that. I can only imagine it as torture. D=
    People can't be nice because they lack the maturity of it. Worse yet they hate it when someone like me just ignores or shrugs it off. They can't stand someone that doesn't care what they think.
    Aw I dont think you'd be a pariah...=[ Wish I was there irl. I'd be a dork with you about that stuff. I dont care about opinions either so you can let me handle the teasers~ xD lol
    That is true. It's one of those things feminists have damn right though can blow it up easily. (like attacking girls that just like being "pretty" or cute) Personally, many find me weird for it, I find the girls most attractive are the ones that dont really bother with it to much. They might have slight makeup but nothing overloaded.
    What I find disturbing is the emphasis on guy looks. It's not as prevalent but apparently the most attractive thing these days is basically model level pretty boys. It's honestly disgusting to look at them when commercials force me too or someone making a dumb rant here or other places. =__= I just can't fathom how a guy that looks more girl can be hot....
    (yes I do know it's a different type of emphasis since guys dont feel that same pressure....at least I dont think they do...do they? o_0)

    My dad loved Boardwalk Empire. lmao xD I love a series set in that era like Baccano. =w=
    Your better off. xD
    Well I'm not exactly a horror fan. xD
    lol We all should've but how was we to know!? x'D
    It was changed thanks the immaturity of old members and a few current staff that I told you about before. You can see it here: http://forums.khinsider.com/forum-insanity/208437-mint-minty-3.html =w=
    How old is your computer? Mine always gives me trouble no matter how new they are. lol
    CoM did a good job with characters and stuff is why really. Simple setting, just a simple brainwashing plot but the characters and all that double crossing was golden. You got farther than I did in Days when trying to play it again lmao. Speaking of replaying I recently tried playing BBS again and....I've found I can't. I like Aqua but the gameplay is just so tedious now...I truly just can't take the command deck anymore. Dx Not to mention it's easy due to how broken the system is. Level 1 minds well be a joke on BBS.
    I never got to play crystal. What was it like playing that back then? =]
    I know right? TnT I could probably find a new Chrono Trigger but I really dont feel motivated to do all the stuff I had done over again.
    You was embarrassed to go into a store? xD That's oddly cute of you ms teacher haha~ The two Final Fantasy I played and liked was Crisis Core and FFX.

    Zack was such a lovable character. Cheerful in contrast to most and so on. His ending gave me legitimate feels. TnT I also liked that the gameplay was more action like rather than FF's typical ATB crap.
    FFX was also good for it's overall story. Most characters felt properly used and relevant. Best yet the gameplay was traditional turn based~ I loved the freedom of that sphere grid as well. The ending was also perfect imo and I'm not to fond of FFX-2's official ending copout with Tidus. x[
    Sadly FFX is hard to replay a second time for some reason. Especially when you get into all that possible side stuff to do.

    I'd never tell you it wasn't an asspull lol. Because no matter how you look at it that energybending is a total dues ex machina or writers corner. Just pointing out that the turtle itself was actually always there haha. Watching you~ ouo
    The only thing that flopped to me about the first season finale was that damn love triangle crap which they just HAD to carry over. If they can sweep something as interesting and real as social conflict why not stupid teen drama? I mean really!?
    If they had made book 1 a bit longer or hell even just fixed the pacing while taking out that damn teen love sh*t they'd have had a great one season show to show us Aangs world after his victory. Oh mean I hate that damn loss of past lives crap. If they had neglected older character cameos I probably wouldn't have cared but when you start throwing Toph or Zuko in I get annoyed at the loss of opportunity thanks to that past life crap.

    They was probably to scarred to say how bad an idea it was. Ya know, the same reason they dont tell Nomura his writing is bad~
    They will if you ever live on your own lmao~ xD
    Stoicism is easy once you quit caring. I'm amazed your a teacher when you care so much of the other opinion. D=
    I haven't had time to get the game yet. I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;A; I've been having to deal with immature older members who should be adults.

    Sadly I have no one to talk to irl. Probably the only reason I'm even still here at all. People I'd like to know all appear here rather than in reality.
    You can do more than me haha. I can barely do internet. I wouldn't even have the phone but I live at home and my parents make sure everyone has one because they panic.
    I've never heard it pronounced in an anime I dont think. lol
    haha have you talked to lots of old women? Going back to their prime is many of their grand delusion haha. That is true...age doesn't seem to be very kind to woman for some reason....some men too but most men I know tend to look better with age. Of course the draw back to that is we look dorky or horrible as fuck in youth. haha
    First person gets me thrown off myself. Maybe it's to immersed for me? lol
    Definitely so. Some of that prohibition era music can be rather good but it's largely jazz at times it seems.
    I'd say modern country is the most stale. Have heard it? It's all trucks and momma lmao.

    Nobody plays the Chuck Norris card, the Chuck Norris card plays you~

    I've never watched American Horror story actually. xD
    Yes you jumped ship at the best possible time. Dx
    I'm not as fond of ReCoM myself. Good story but gameplay is to tedious. =[ *room after room after room....after room...after room TnT*
    lol Pokemon is a Japanese game so wouldn't Gold have been your first one? x'D
    Chrono Trigger was amazing. After I got older I got all the endings. o_o All 12. A shame my DS version started freezing. =[
    I couldn't get into Final Fantasy. I've tried several but only ever liked two of them. You probably could've found them at a store. D=

    I think many almost did. Book 3 and even 4 avoided teen drama BS quite strongly. I found it a minus of book one as well although they drama BS was handled quicker.
    lol They DID have foreshadowing of the lionturtles existence. Throughout the entire thing. If you google you'll find images such as statues or most standout a scene from the Library episode mentioning the lionturtles as a whole. What wasn't foreshadowed or mentioned at all was the energybending.
    I almost wish Korra had stayed a book 1 show. Like KH it was only planned for that one run. Adding more showed. =/
    I also found Korra losing the past live a huge wasted move after people like Toph came back.

    The only issue I had with Days tetris was level panels. lol If it were for level panels it could've been refined into something at least better than command decks.
    lol But teacher! You just said you care what they think of your looks~ You could probably find cheaper clothes for that job and still look as good though. =[
    I'm not vulnerable to mocking as the words of people generally mean less than shit to me. Anything like kicking would be met with revenge as well. =w=
    SRSLY!? ;A; Was there any swirl icecream options?

    I will. =w=
    Depends on the fictional character~ That sounds painstaking after a while. D=
    If it's a doubeedged sword then it's other edge must be chipped.
    You have a relic of a bygone age. But one I prefer to phones they have now.
    I always heard it said as man or main ga.

    I've seen lost of older women that are older than they appear as well but at the same time they never look in their prime. I've seen 90yrs old that look 60 or 50 that look late 30 but none that still retained the prime of their mid twenties.
    I'd rather not. I'm not to fond of the first person games. They're difficult for me to play. Plus isn't it shooter based? =[
    You actually like classical music like that 18th century stuff? I'm indifferent to those eras of music but I think they're better than most music I hear on radio these days. x[
    Pffft please:

    Sounds like one of those gore or horror animes. o_0

    Truly only that ending.
    Sadly no. Bleach is not only ongoing but a huge pile of steaming waste and crap. I couldn't type long enough to describe some of it's faults to you. Like for example, Ichigo apparently wasn't human but the son of a quincy and shinigami, the mother being infected by one of Aizens hollows, which is why Ichigo is some fucked up hero-sue born with quincy, hollow, shinigami AND fullbring powers. Yet despite this mess all he's ever learned to use was that getsuga tensho.

    Pffffttt I could if I wanted. You mentioned east coast so that leaves me a set search zone already. =w= Next your school seems rather well funded so I track me down some of the mid to higher schools and so on. I only haven't found you due to laziness and me being poor. 8D (that and no girl likes some stalker =w=)
    I dont understand how they could love it either. The only one I seem to still enjoy is KH1. =/
    It has nothing to do with looks or the like I just get incredibly bored when I play a western rpg fast. As for the japan side mine are random choices. For the most part I grew up on things like Zelda, Sonic and the platforming like with Pokemon being the closest to rpg my young self would. My first major rpg was probably KH1 itself which as you know is action based. I prefer being able to move around as it gives me more control. =w=
    I have tried more traditional rpgs over time but I've rarely kept any even if I did love their stories. Thinking back Chrono Trigger was my first rpg, my ten year old mind drawn by the Toriyama designs. However I was to young to understand it properly.

    Sadly I seem to be the odd man out as I didn't like most if any of the avatars, especially in comparison to each other haha. My fave and only truly liked avatar was Wan himself. Or as I think of him "the only good part of book 2" lol.
    I hate no problems with last airbenders ending. I figured that dues ex machina was due to viewer censorship. Plus I really like turtles lmao. Korra proved to test the boundary though with Amon and his brothers exploding boat and book 3. Book 2 and the teen love drama bullshit however is the scourge of that series. It was just so horribly done, not needed and just so stupid. I hated it to the point that I wish they had just ignored love in any sense. I couldn't even care about the Korrasami ending because by that point I just hated the shippings in general.
    lmao To be honest that's an insult to even Days.
    Oh ho are you now?~ ;D The coworkers you said you can't date.
    At least a mascot costume would be warmer. Dx

    Icecream!? Did you get discounts!? Icecream is boss. TnT
    I'll look when I next see a Gamestop. =D
    It sounds interesting but it'll feel strange to defend people when I generally dont like people. lmao
    I rarely have passion. The topic you seen in todays threads are, to me, just idle chitchat that's built up. =3
    So true. I wish there was a way to take the anonymity away. It'd be so damning to so many. lol
    It's the manga plot. Hellsing Ultimate follows it's manga from start to end. Kinda like how Brotherhood did FMA's manga.
    lawl I didnt' even have dial up for ages. I'll be the last generation to say I had phones connected and mounted on walls. x'D I think my first screen name was here in highschool to be exact.

    I didn't know what manga was as a child. x'D

    Just gonna delete this part of the post. I dont wanna fight over school. I hate it to much and it'll only become something worse than a long post. T_T

    Solas? o_0
    Nope. Nothing pulls off that dyed hair. A youthful appearance doesn't hide the age. At least ot me but I'm the type to notice things randomly. xD

    Never played Bioshock or Fallout but my dad always played older music. Things like classic rock or older country songs. I most prefer a rock-like music.
    What is vintage music these days? Classical?

    Never head of 20th century. o_0
    Jojo is good. I dont think it's as amazing as it's hyped to be but it's not bad. Part 2 is better than 1 so far though. Oh mean the second season of Code Geass was such crap. I remember wanting a second season only to wish they had left it at one. xD
    Bleach and Naruto not only overstayed but went to crap is horrible ways. One Piece truly is amazing and it took me forever to catch up with the manga. Over 800 chapters now. D:

    Your lucky I'm where I am because I'm the type to drop that bomb for lolz~ =w=
    lol If they want simplicity I'd be the better nomination~ ;D People like Grass and Sephiroth0812 like the complex mess it is already to much. =[
    Western ones. General rpgs are hit and miss with great ones and meh.

    Why yes, yes madam I am~ o3o I think the first series was more solid.
    AC3 is like a contained KH series in terms of wasted potential. xD

    Oh ho so above average eh? It truly is subjective so lets put it to a vote of your male students. x'D (since I have nothing to judge with myself)
    Schools have dress down days? xD
    They're are jackets and long sleeved shirts but it's all thin material. To keep warm I have layers of clothes going on. haha The store outfit is usually just the outer shell of a mote of cloth.

    Sad to say but people generally do tend to be that stupid. I've worked two jobs dealing with general people in the public and barely ever have I met a fellow human with sense.
    *o* Oh ho not bad! There's a gamestop an hour away. Not sure when I'll be there next though. =3

    Those are posts on something of interest. Posts that start out small and build up over days at that. A school essay would be a horrible failure, trust me. xD
    This is true but I see a lot of similar behavior in real life so it leaves me to wonder. xD
    Its the anonymity. In real life the things that bring out the stupid are bums on government checks and religion.
    It always irked me personally lol. The only times the hologram damage made sense was during shadow games cause magic. xD
    Aw that's to bad. =[ If your curious though they recently remade Hellsing with it's full manga plot in tow labeled Hellsing Ultimate.

    I couldn't even get online when I was young so at least you knew what a manga was. xD
    Between homeschooling, internet and many things we're both familiar with and talked about we both know there are alternatives to school. In absence of school one of them would take hold. I have no way of knowing which though so that makes this a small thing scope to really debate on.

    Sooooo.....BE doesn't really have good reveals? xD
    *wishes she would skip DA in favor of AC China* o_o
    But the hair dye doesn't make them look younger. To me it always made them look worse because the hair is bright and youthful but the faces were still old women. xD
    Generally speaking I didn't listen to much music until I had left school. xD Right now it's mostly random stuff at that. However it's all rock-like in some way. I hate rap, I hate whatever the hell it is they have these days (pop/R&B or whatever) and I definitely am not fond of "country" music. =3

    THAT'S IT!!

    Well one big recommendation would be Mushishi. It has that white hair stereotype but nearly everything else about it makes you forget that one typical hair trait. Especially when you learn why it's white. Best yet Mushishi follows it's manga faithfully so it's story isn't different or worse depending on version.
    JoJo's Bizarre adventure is a recent one I've found that is oddly rather unique, even in art style.
    I also started Gargantia the other day. There is a white haired guy in it and I've seen some say moe but I've yet to notice the latter. What I find unique about it is the set up. It starts out with the main fighting aliens in space a la gundam style only to get thrown amok into a wormhole. Next thing he knows he's on the long lost motherworld of humanity, earth, with primitive humans still living upon it. Also nearly every landmass is submerged.
    Attack on Titan is perhaps your greatest unique experience. White hair and moe do NOT exist there. lol

    This is true. However that may be why anime or manga does so well. They're all rather brief stories. 12 episodes or a hundred chapters. Only the most popular or profitable make it further. The only exception is One Piece which is not only ongoing and profitable but also has remarkably retained it's creativity, uniqueness and quality of writing without fail.
    lmao You said essay so I thought school! x'D I wish you had used it as a school essay though~ Oh ho really >:D So not even the students know?
    lmao They honestly do. Most of the series shows he doesn't even put half the thought. Just look at the mess.
    \o3o/ Woot! My faves are in someone elses faves now!

    I'd say worse but yes that bad lol. I never played Dragon Age but I can't get into western rpgs I do try. =[

    This is a good point. There was no support to flesh out the main character. Every series has a strong supporting cast if they want a strong main one. In many cases supporting characters are more popular. I for instance watched both Avatar series but largely only liked the cast surrounding the avatars themselves. lol
    Ezios reaming family and friends were given stronger presence too which Connor lacked. Ezio lost a lot and therefore cherished what he had more and you see it at times even if he gets more gruff as he aged. Connors village was more wasted potential, especially when you basically murder his friends. =/
    Wash & Lee felt incredibly flat to boot.

    lmao Oh ho so would you say your a "hot teacher" then? ;D I can't mentally see classy without a librarian outfit coming to mind. x'D No offense. lol
    lol You have more professional outfits when you started than I ever have in my life. I dont think I'd settle well with such outfits. I dont even feel very comfortable in shorts but wear them due to how hot it can get. My most comfortable is the picture you saw the other week. Dressing up is overrated though teacher-chan. x'D
    They make you wear this: http://www.superioruniformgroup.com/sites/default/files/blog-image/add/advance_auto_female.png And yes that outfit is applied to both genders lol. The only tweaks one can make is an undershirt or the option of that hat. I had to break out my undershirt for the first time today due to cold. xD

    ha! Pied Piper. Not sure they are even that good.
    I'll have to find it first but I'll see what I can do. xD haha

    You must get better comments than I did then. lol
    If essays were mandatory I wouldn't have passed since I lack the mind to stretch out stories like that. Dx
    You just described 4 members I can name off the top of my head. haha
    5Ds was the only one I liked besides the original. At least when the lost a match in 5Ds the injuries made sense! lol xD (they wrecked) (you should watch the Hellsing or DBZ abridged xD)
    10$ for 13 books!? Isn't that your entire salary!? xD
    Tests here tested all kinds of useless shit sadly like algebra and the like. While such things matter to college test they didn't matter to the tests they was usually in. =/ The schools here are honestly only worried about getting you out the door.

    I'm glad because I dont think I could clarify it any better. The difference there then is that I dont see school having any benefits at all so it's not so much about a scale of pro to con.

    Srsly!? xD Shima was just Axel? That's kinda disappointing a surprise. Any others? =]

    Yes, yes it is! Her name is Shao Jun (hope I spelled it right). She's freakin awesome. >=D Instead of a hiddenblade she has a bootknife!
    lawl Whats the point in dying it even when grey? xD
    *looks at you skeptically* Sureeee teenager days~

    Aw that kinda sucks. I've never met a person who could play that instrument.

    I spot a super saiyan! NOW SHOW ME THAT STUBBORN RAGE TO FIGHT!!

    lo That's sad for me to hear! Aside the stereotypical silver hair and moe there are good ones of recent years!
    I see. So the show was ruined like most america shows.

    lmao Hatred? You made an essay to rant to your class with out of rage!? I could not be more proud~ TuT
    So today I think I found a newer cartoon movie that doesn't suck despite the cgi shit. Hotel Transylvania.
    I get lucky on art sites sometimes. x'D I have more in my DA faves: Dravoo's DeviantArt Favourites
    I'm not sure if it's worse than AC3 but it was bad enough that I stopped early in the game, deleted the data and traded it in because I hadn't had it on 4hrs before I was getting as frustrated as I was with AC3. =/
    They should never repeat a character but never make him dull either. Connor truly was just a horribly dull person. The only time I enjoyed him was that brief moment he's a child.
    ;n; You've seen the deathscene too? I loved how he trained one last assassin before death. TuT I tie Altair and Ezio as a fave. Ezios games build both of them up well.

    lol So you wear the old teacher get up? I'd say dress as a sexy teacher just to troll or for lolz but that'd distract the students even more lmao. Why can't you wear pants? Look at work isn't all that important~ I wish I could get choice of wear because my work place has an annoying outfit. =[
    They honestly do just think that probably. They dont stop to think because they're just happy to get anything like the blind little fools they are. They're feeding the procrastination of SE at this point. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing KH3 flop myself. A good wake up call to everyone.

    I humbly appreciate your forgiveness milady. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?~

    I meant the textbooks. =3 Things like a math or science book for class. Some in my school were so old they had writings from the 80s in them by some punk of that age. The literature books themselves aren't new but they dont need updating since they just tell a written story.
    If we had to write essays it wasn't important because I dont ever remember writing one. Which means one of two things either 1) we had them but they was so inconsequential that I was able to find a way around doing them or 2) didn't have them at all.
    They grow up faster but hardly mature. Irony heh. TnT

    I watched the show off and on but never really got into Yugioh. Hated GX but oddly found the the 5Ds alright if I was bored. xD Nothing ever really topped the first seasons Egypt theme though. Hear of that 20th anniversary movie?
    lol How much were they?! xD

    I dont see them being solid enough to ever hold much value at all though. It could be reworked, and should, to work better but thousands of kids will always fall through the holes of a system or test like that. People, even kids, are just to individualistic to generalize even a little with a test I think. Though that doesn't mean I completely disagree with you but I just dont see a version of such a test being anymore successful than others. Maybe I just like the kinda mind to visualize such a version though. (lord knows my mind hardly thinks in a normal pattern anyway....)
    They should definitely have mastery of some skills as a focus but I think the focus should be things they'll actually need in life. Learning to balance checkbooks, manage money, basic math, reading, writing and so on. Nowadays they almost only focus on things they'll only use in specific fields of work that both me and you know barely a fraction will use or go into.
    If your confused then dont worry about it. I was just saying that school isn't special in the social regard. It's forced yes but it's hardly a perk to it's structure when we're a social species to begin with. Even introverts aren't exactly healed by it because cases like you aside there are also just as many others that dont grow from it. It all plays back into the individual personality of the kid. In basic terms I guess I just mean that the only standout thing about schools social aspect is that it's forced. That is literally all it has different from most others. (well not counting parents that force their kids to socialize anyway)....I just rambled again, meh just skip it if ya want. Feels like circles now. lol
    That's what I find sad personally. Kids shouldn't have jobs. They literally only have those few years to not worry about jobs or working. =[

    What is the plot twist then? xD I dont think I'll be trying it any time soon so I dont mind spoilers.
    So liberation is okay then. =D Why dont you try AC Chronicles China next? It's on PSN, only like 10$ and it features a chinese concubine turned assassin and trained by Ezio himself! >8D
    Plus Chronicles is a 2.5D title with more focus on stealth and a shorter story. Perfect for a time constrained teacher.
    lol Sot he victim of a mother then. Good, dying and highlights is so stupid. To be honest I dont even remember hearing a guy ever call it attractive. =/

    You watch pop music videos? x'D You...dont dance to them do you? lmao
    Flute!? How hard is a flute? Parents should know by now forced piano never sticks. lol
    lol Hentai, the scare for life.
    Exactly! I can't even comprehend how they'd argue over differences. It's like arguing over the differences of types of dogs or other animals.
    I know right? I said that in a thread a while back and people defended him on it. DEFENDED HIM. =/
    Aw the only ones you remember are DGM and BE? You dont remember any others at all? Oh man Digimon was one to go south with each new season...Once Upon A Time is bad?
    I've never played those games sadly. An essay? Must've been good. lol
    This is just beautiful in all ways possible: Forest Whale by Jon-Lock on DeviantArt T_T
    I dont know if the artist does animation but it'd be a good one for sure! =D

    lol Yes it is as awful as stated but if you only paid 15$ for it then your okay for giving it a test run. lol
    I did a few homestead missions and I saw no such personality. Probably just some AC fans fooling themselves. lol
    Me too. TnT Seeing the ending for both Altair and Ezio was just a feelz trip. Then I got to see more old man Ezio in Chronicles then I found the cutscene on youtube of his death. IT WAS A WEEK OF FEELS

    Why would you have to wear stockings? Hell if ya want you can borrow my look and enjoy fall to the fullest! I got some spare flannel shirts though my beard stays with me~ ;D
    I dont feel old seeing them until they ask what the old days was like. They'll never know the older days. I'm more disappointed than cynical myself because it could've been so much better but all I see is disappointments. I can't possibly comprehend how they see 2.9 as a good thing. I mean really do they not stop to think that's more time from KH3? =/
    Aqua is my only shining light since post KH2 so I'm trying to be optimistic. lol
    Definitely should've. Hell you wouldn't even need a Ventus! The only Sora connection you'd need is the optional/mandatory cameo where near the end of Aquas story she confronts Xehanort in the light realm again and Sora helps. Nothing complex or stupid just a nice thing like cameos tend to be.

    Not sure that's an excuse lol. xD Then again I dont typically have everyday conversation.
    *knocks on door* It was poppet as in another show I used to watch. Seems like I game I once had used it too. But I'd never call such a cool person Xion. I'm not that evil~
    haha That must be nice. Tbh tornado warnings are stupid as is. (in schools anyway)
    You guys have essay topics? Not when the books are outdated like the school system.
    People sadly dont see kids for kids anymore. T_T So many get sad or develop stress due to a school or parent.
    So it's poorer areas with pisspoor schools like the one I had. xD

    lol Kaiba like Yugioh? My first time hearing such words was finding Toonamis late night saturday block with cursing. xD
    I remember my first manga was Blackcat. =D

    Are you sure? My approach mostly works because of how easily flawed the system is here combined with the teachers not caring so long as they can get you out the door and maintain their funding.
    I dont think a general test of any kind will ever fully work properly because one kids progress could be another's fault. A general test might help but something generalized will also miss things too. Even the counties best schools are way behind other countries aren't they? With how it is now anyway.
    There are plenty of places a kid would be exposed to such things, several you already listed. Humans are a social animal so no matter what there will always be a gathering area to draw people in. Only those that dont generally like large groups avoid them like myself. Besides 'hundreds of different backgrounds' is a stretch depending on where you so school isn't exactly any better than other social events in that regard. Depends on area.
    Part of the problem is school forces it though. Everything about school is forced and many dont take to that like I didn't. It's a sink or swim type of social gathering. It also depends like anything else since one kid could have a great time while another could have hell. School isn't great or better than any other situation in the social activity regard. =3

    Good thing I never picked up fanfiction then. xD
    That's just excuses to me though. If homework has to help you cover the curriculum then it's only more obvious how flawed that program is. If everything can't be handled in the classroom then that's just the systems fault at work by putting more to grade on the teacher and sucking more of a kids life away at home. Adding more to the problem of kids not getting to be kids these days.
    Unless it's some project that is several months or weeks long (like my junior one of getting flower pictures) or not finishing the last page of a chapter like you mentioned then it's just horribly wrong in my eyes. A way to describe it for me would be that I was basically getting up and going to a place I hated for 8hrs only to do all the actual work associated with it at home. The only time I felt like I did schoolwork at the actual school was when I skipped trips or something and was alone in a classroom all day. Did my homework then.

    To be honest I'd be quicker to believe there was some precursor people before I would most other theories and stuff I see. But ya never know and probably never will sadly. ;n;
    Nobody knows why. The Sphinx isn't even a religious structure so they dont have that excuse either.

    I never made it to the Shima twist. o_0 (sounds like a dance lol)
    So it's doing better but you dont get your hopes up basically? haha

    I never played Liberation. How is it so far?
    You hated them but had them? x'D I'm a guy and just a hat hurts my head after a while so how woman can use any of those things baffles me. Just like how dying or highlighting the hair.
    lmao Madam if I remember right that is basically what the spice girl dancing was. (pop dancing in general as well lol)
    She was awesome! She also had a habit of singing my little sunshine lol. I know what you mean, I can't even whistle let alone play anything.

    *jaw hits the floor* Dear glob you've discovered the mystery! ET is the real ruler of our world!
    I never got into saints row. I tend to gravitate towards random or weirder things. lol
    What hurts most is that rushed pile of junk DDD is getting some console port. lol
    The power of Stitch can't be overthrown! xD Literally your only weakness when stitch is summoned is the drive gauge. lol

    lol Teacher-san upped the age for fichentai~ ;D
    Genders may have some play in it. Despite what feminists or others try to argue the fact is genders do have some shared aspects with occasional exceptions. Men in general usually dont think about marriage even as they age while women will. That may be part of why I dont get it because I see all to often that marriage does nothing to keep a man settled. Usually what will keep a man truly settled is if they have father qualities rather than husband ones.
    Will you remember by November? Dont let the man suck your free time away! FIGHT THE SYSTEM! lol

    So the second is more like a game you try if you find cheap. That is kinda sad to hear. =[
    KH is the heartless, chi is the nobody lol. They aren't interesting at all anymore imo. Especially Riku. I was never interested in Namine myself but I think Kairi & Aqua could be better but I dont ever see Nomura having the sense to let them be. Nomura is already shocked Aqua, an original and female, is so popular.

    Hmm....how about a show? Did you ever watch anything like DBZ orrrrr maybe find how disappointing it was to see how much better a manga is to an anime?
    If I had warned you I wouldn't have been able to enjoy your surprise reaction~ Sad can be beautiful teacher-san! Okay how about a happier comic: Balloon Adventure Comic by B1nd1 on DeviantArt

    I have but the neighboring counties have barely more places to work than mine and I never got hired.

    Glad you agree! Namine was also the first in a long list of stupid convoluted messes. Sweet character herself but her make up....yeah.
    I remember older days seeing many join here asking what the hell was happening since they knew nothing of CoM. Midpoint games or bridge games are always incredibly stupid decisions.

    Told ya. ='[ AC3 sucks bad and should just be skipped. Practically the only relevant thing is the ending solely because of how it sets up later games. Unity is also a sucky game I'd recommend skipping.
    Connor was a huge kill joy. He was also pissed or sounded pissed like some emo kid. Granted many things would be justified being half indian but they just instead make him pissed at EVERYTHING.
    I liked Altair in AC1 but Ezios games built him up as much as Ezio himself. Revelations was a passable title but that ending with resolution to Altair and Ezio at once was beautiful.
    Think of it like this, now that he's gone we dont have to deal with him anymore. lol
    Helllloooooo teacher-chan! o3o/
    Why the mid week random? Simple because I wanted to ask; How important do you think 1000 words can be?

    Also I heard my boss talking with a customer at work today. He has three kids and they was bitching about the local schools. I hadn't been in school since 09 so I wasn't sure but it seems the school here truly has gotten worse. To the point they didn't even know where his kid was when he went to pick him up.
    In a more positive bit for you though it seems one of the neighboring counties is growing pretty good about school from what I heard them talk about.

    Also just went ahead and edited out CoM in my improvement post. xD
    Woot glad you agree. I had to make that edit simpler, it was bugging me haha. They bogged it down and done so hard. That's what I was thinking. Namine isn't even one of those fun mysteries. She just feels there to be there.....now having her as just a unique nobody due to her powers would be such a simpler backstory. Being used to test her powers rather than a full member would be a good reason for the imprisonment.

    I love it for the crisp air, the leaves and how it lessens my allergies. Weather is still hot some days but now I can wear my flannel and jeans all day now. My best and most comfortable look =D Hope fall reaches you soon.
    Can't say I blame you. I look but barely contribute anymore. I do still like to play good old KH1 or 2 now and then though then come bitch with you. x'D
    All I saw was a cashcow as well and I only had slight interest and Aqua having a game. But Aside from that all I was was blind fanboyism. =__=

    I think at least Sora's story should've ended. What came after sucking so much was due to how it bogged the first three games down with it.
    Thats the thing I've been thinking on for years sadly. T_T The notion that everyone finds what to do with life is such a life ya know?
    lol You can't speak any of it? =]

    It's better you only have the positive view poppet. Negative views only grow I'm afraid.
    No tornado drills!? We had those other drills too. Unlike the tornado drill they made sense when we did them lol. Yeah the panic would rule, it always does.
    lol Any projects the parents did as well? Would you say having such old books is a good or bad thing?
    It's also incredibly ignorant. Kids aren't there to get good grades for their parents or to help them relive some dreams like sports or other crap. =/
    Almost makes me wish I'd have had something happen worth a lawsuit lol. But I'll settle for the hours of just quiet.

    That's depends on how good the library is or if the kid is exposed to it really. I dont know what you mean by inner city. School isn't the only exposure though thanks to the internet which parents clearly dont monitor. lol (wonders how many found fancition through R rated stories)
    I was one of the kids that studying did no good. I'd have to cram or just guess my way through stuff. One reason why I think further school wouldn't be smart for me but lack of job market doesn't help. I can't do the essays, the reports or other things like that and never really could. On a upside though my lack of ability for those taught me my skill of basically finding ways around rules or projects without breaking them. Such as reading extra books to pass english classes since I had to much trouble doing the actual projects. (I probably read every western in that school library by the end of it all)

    I dont think a perfect educational system exists. Any time you try to teach kids on a mass level standard will happen but the fault is that nothing about a human is standard. The best and proper way to teach a child is individually and to their strengths while helping them overcome the weakness but a mass school setting doesn't allow that since it takes more time and consideration than a teacher is given or sometimes cares to give.
    Basically put a kid needs focused guidance but a teachers attention is divided and sometimes to the point not even being guidance. Just a person sitting in a chair telling you to be quiet as your left to teach yourself. Which is often further made worse by either a student that hates a teacher or the more commonly heard of teacher that hates a certain kid and purposely gives them a hard time just for spite. (which will only make a rebellious child)
    The only thing school really teaches in a perfect way or ever will is being an easy way to teach socialization. Its' by far not the only means but an easy one.

    lol I have friends here that have said the same of it. I've never heard it called a pit before though. xD
    Fun is subjective but I mentioned it because I thought you mentioned fun...or did I mention because kids work better when somethings fun...hmm...can't remember now. If that's what homework is meant to do then it hardly if at all does anything like it. You spend more time doing school work than work to reinforce school work. Kids lose hours a day to what should be relaxing time, play time or time to help family or do chores to homework. Turns it into a thing to tread or cheat than a reinforcement tool. Even adults here think most of what homework is should be in a classroom.

    We dont know! it's a huge mystery man. D= One glyph even looks like a sub! It's kinda like De Vinci's old designs but WAAAYYYY older. There's also this city https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiwanaku that has a wall that contains faces very similar to most of humanities current nationalities. With a huge statue in the center of a europe-like bearded man. What makes it weirder is that native americans dont grow hair like beards. If you have body hair or beards you got european ancestry somewhere.
    True. They're still finding old scrips though they hardly get the tv news coverage they should.
    lol Either the hand is stuck on stupid or the damn wheel broke. haha
    You wouldn't have to remove the paw. You could dig a tunnel under or even do simple radar stuff but they refuse it all.

    Around the time the illumanti came into the fold.
    I forced myself to finish AC3....dont make the same mistake as me. The setting is good but totally wasted. What you dislike now is never fixed and actually gets worse as you go. Gameplay is a worse pain than the original game and Conner is just a boring character and so is his story. I love Altairs character. His game was glitchy but that's what ya get with a series starter. Something about Altair is much more endearing.
    I never petted the animals...didn't hunt them either unless some wolf felt brave. xD

    oh Dear glob my cousin had mountains of scrunchies for some reason. xD
    lol I bet that would be a hilarious if embarrassing site to see now. x'D Can you still dance to the Spice girls song? ;D
    I did! ^_^ My great frandmother was alive up until a few years ago, dying at 86. It's a shame yours died so soon, there's a lot you can learn by talking to them. Her talking about her youth made me realize just how different her world was. She also taught me all kinds of card games. xD She loved pink as well and was entirely self taught in music, couldn't read a note yet play several instruments.
    It's advancing to fast it feels like....to go eons almost unchanged just to suddenly speed forward? It's to rapid, it's partially the cause of some degradation I think too. I fear 50yrs from now.
    So true yet I never see it happening. They love their near-communism to much now.
    lmao You play saints row? xD

    I can agree to that. I like Riku for being the only focused character but that's not a good thing either really. Others could've used the focus because his guilt trip shit gets old after KH2.
    I know. Kairi is so wasted it's sad. =[ It doesn't even make sense either, why bring her in at the end if they knew she could use a keyblade? She should've been there the whole time getting crash courses while Sora was bouncing around dreams.

    His summon had a pitiful limit but if you let him wander the screen he'll keep your mp full, deflect incoming projectiles and sometimes stun enemies with his lasers. Even the Lingering Will isn't immune to him.
    You are!? You faked age? haha That's one thing I've never done, fake age. I was one kid that never wanted to grow up either. Even then and now I knew grown up life sucks ass. xD
    Mind Twins!! *insert theme*
    It's always best to be upfront I say. To bad it can be taken the wrong way some times. TuT
    I guess I just lack that mindset. I dont see how anything makes it "official". I dont understand how it's more official than just having that relationship. Though I wouldn't be above a marriage for the womans sake if she was special enough, but I'd only marry once haha. At least you had the option for a serious one. I've never even had a semi-serious one. TnT 4ever alone & virgin.....

    It's true but my own record of luck with most things and girls general lack of noticeable interest in me makes it hard for me to be optimistic. TuT
    Likewise. So long as it's a new song I'd take a random singer so long as they're good. =/
    Next week?! You promise teacher-chan?~ ;D
    Yeah I'm pretty sure things are made to be unfixable these days. lol Money pits.

    Sounds promising! Did the sequel improve on the first one in any way? =D Or was it a typical sequel that was okay but less than the original?
    lol It's okay to vent. I'll discuss no matter how many times because it's just to damn true. KH lost it magic and ironically it's heart as it went on. It had disney as a core but FF as a nice add on for human characters and it was a perfect blend. Now...now it's just original characters that are somehow always derived from others making the "originality" BS. =/
    It's finally fall weather! Time for my beloved flannel shirts and jeans! I LOVE THIS WEATHER!! *yesIhadtosendamessagejusttotellyiuthis*
    Ha! Have you read the forums? They not only dont realize it's a problem but many thing porting 1.5 & 2.5 to PS4 so the entire series is on one system is stupid. =/
    Many thing weren't needed I dont think. I couldn't care less about DDD and I dont see the point of playing Chi when we get a movie too. The only interesting thing was playing Aqua.

    I can give you a large break from grading~ ;D *masterofdistraction*
    KH2 may have some staying power of it's own if it's found with CoM and KH1 but otherwise? Nah. The series wont survive. Thats' just a plain fact I think. I mean just could it survive? There's only so much you can do when keeping the same hero while not explaining sh*t. Worlds are already repetitive so it's only so long before other aspects do.
    Nope they honestly wont. Some kid may get KH1 on an online store out of curiosity and then 2 to see how that ends but never more. Guarantee it.

    Dont know yet sadly. I'm hoping 209 is ports of the other games to PS4. The only reason I have my PS3 still is because KH1 and KH2 final mix is on it. =/

    I've actually already done that. Lack of luck in sending out applications is why I'm going against my own deep hatred and considering school. It's literally my only option. Sadly I have no connections and even fewer areas to even apply for. Remember how my town has a population of 1000? Well it's also a town an hour away from any other town with many holding barely bigger population. I'm just royally fucked in life it seems.
    Thanks for tying to think ideas though. T__T I need other ideas since I dont have anymore of my own....

    lol Likely thrown away. People had such lack of love for manuals back then.
    You can speak spanish!?

    It's honestly hard for me to imagine many people like you actually caring about the profession. But I guess for every bad place like mine a good one must exist. I've never read a manual but I know that most of the ones I seen teachers looking at was answer books for their classes. Teaching us by that book rather than taking more personal approaches like you seem too.
    I dont know if teachers here had an emergency book or not. At most we had tornado drills when it came to that stuff. Always found them stupid personally. Sitting lined in a hallway kneeling over isn't gonna keep you from getting sucked up a gale force wind cyclone lmao. Teacher would often say to get against the wall an crouch over only for us kids to say "why? so we can kiss our asses goodbye?" xD

    No you dont want a manual to tell you a day to day basis. That would just take away the effort your putting into it. Lessons here are so old that my parents even did some. One such project was a science one in highschool. To gather and photograph flowers. It was the SAME project my parents did in that grade twenty years prior. =/ They even helped me do it!
    It's a stupid and pitiful situation sadly. Sometimes it is the teachers fault, sometimes it's the kids and sometimes it's just the parents being assholes stressing the kid out till they score poorly. My mom house cleans for a guy that gets livid if his daughter gets Bs.
    lol I dunno but they sure thought they punished me leaving me alone in that room for those hours~ xD

    The fallback of that argument though is libraries are also a place to get such access to books and as of recently so is the internet. School is a forced gathering but not one that has experiences or things you can't also find in your own time or in other social places.
    Creative writing should be valued but I dont agree to it being valued or credited to school specifically since I've met many here that, like me, didn't have such a class yet had huge essay like stories they had written and written well. In the end it largely just depends on the child, the job and so on.
    Regardless of school or otherwise there will always be a kid that can articulate themselves easier or even brilliantly, those that can't and never really learn or have the capacity too and those that can by must learn too. (an example is how well I can argue solely because of the time I spent here arguing theories)
    ....I feel I lost my point somewhere there....meh I'll just bluntly affirm I think creative writing should be valued too though not specifically cause of school nor that it's for everyone. =3
    Fanfiction.net had to be said. It's to hilarious yet true~ x'D
    Well I know that, at least here, there is no pressure from parents. Most find all the homework stupid as well and especially pointless. More than once I've heard "why are they sending home what should be learned in class?"
    So I'd say any pressure is from the school administration itself and it's horribly outdated methods. I always found homework either hard or tedious personally. Never fun nor a fun challenge, just a pain in my little ass. I'd literally lose a couple hours of my off time after school too it which left little to relax with since kids have curfews.
    Have you ever managed to find a fun homework?

    I imagine the past would be just like now if they had it. xD
    Behold the hieroglyphs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helicopter_hieroglyphs & https://www.google.com/search?q=helicopter+hieroglyphs&sa=X&biw=1600&bih=789&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=0CB4QsARqFQoTCKPmlufG9ccCFQYMkgodsCgPiQ (if you look you'll find several modern vehicles)
    Lots of records were sadly. The Library of Alexandria for example had thousands of records and ideas both old and current of the time that was lost as it burned. Plato's reference of Atlantis is thought to have been one story or knowledge there and a show on history pointed out it's possible he got that story from Egypt which means it could be a far older tale than thought.
    We likely will. I bet the derp faces of those people proven wrong must be great. If I've learned one thing scientists, religious and other people of such set ways are often by far the most closed minded yet usually the ones embarrassed most by a new discovery. lol

    Fun fact, not counting Sumeria or the Bible, there are over a thousand or 1200 legends worldwide of a deluge. Whatever happened then was truly some global sh*t to have so many versions. Some younger but many of close in age.
    lol A TARDIS would be so boss! I think it honestly depends. Some civilizations tend to be more brilliant than others but none of them seem to be any smarter or different than the last. Ancients did things we can't do and we have things ancients thought of as magic. If anything we seem to have periods of stupid and genius. haha
    *scratches beard* Well...I can't remember what caused it initially but I do know there are varying reasons why something is thought to be under the Sphinx paw. One idea is it's an ancient library similar to Alexandria but of older context. (think a hall of Sumerian like tablets) Egypt wont let anyone see if it's true though last I heard.

    The idea is definitely overstayed recently. Kinda like the over saturation of Zombies in media. I dont really mind it so much in AC though since you take part in that secret rather than reading a good story only for it to be ruined by a secret order reveal. Well that sucks to hear about BE. ='[ Is BE getting worse than when I left it?
    Yes in one of them you play an assassin who turns to the templars, Rogue. This game didn't have anything to do with desmond or his recovered DNA. You play another faceless employ like in Blackflag but this time your trying to undo the hack damage done in the last game by a "Sage". Part of that is reliving Shay Cormac's memories. Sadly I wouldn't say Rogue was great or worth ones time. It's fun, if you can find it cheap it's alright but I'd never get it new. The only game of current I'd recommend new is either Blackflag or one of the new 2.5D games like China Chronicles.
    China Chronicles was a fun AC game for it's price. No modern day stuff just you being this badass female assassin from China who was trained by Ezio in his final days.

    That sentence made me lol yet feel old but also remembering my cousins side pigtails as a child. xD
    Oh damn I forgot the Spice Girls was a thing. lmao

    Your grandparents sound so cool! I'd love to have seen your grandpa fighting for a beanie baby. x'D
    All my grandparents act stupid now sadly. They was okay when I was young though. My great grandmother was funny. xD

    WW2 changed it for sure but it's a matter of debate I think if it was for the better. It was great in the 50s post war but looking at the world now you begin to wonder how great the change was.
    A few countries had similar growth but for the most part the amount of change within that hundred year span is just to out of place. It's almost unnatural given how long we went as we were before that.

    It can seek somewhere else, I'll avoid the spotlight like a plague. lol
    With the mindset of the people now a one party system definitely wouldn't work. It'd easily slide into anarchy or communism. (though I think we're barely not communist these days)
    There will be an upheaval for sure but I can't imagine what will replace it. The parties aside people in general hate each other to much now.
    I dont go for either party either. Their both to stupid to claim. lol

    If they did that a remake would be pointless. T__T (and wasted)
    Im amazed...I found someone who agrees! TnT I mean I like that he's a character that's actually developed but I've always thought Riku should've been whatever version of dead KH has after Kh1. Ansem stole his body, body goes poof, in my mind that's dead. xD
    (then kairi could've got his development time~)

    You dont remember Stitch!? Stitch was an experiment so he didn't really do anything he was just dangerous lol. He ends up with Lilo trying to hide from the other aliens.

    Reasons why hindsight is a bitch. xD
    MIND TWINS, IT'S OFFICIAL. I dont think that corny just true. I'm always myself....might be why I have no luck. TuT
    I must lack that nervous feeling then since I made my feelings known to the friend I had in true line with my blunt nature haha. I'm still her friend out of respect though. TuT
    I can understand not wanting to ruin the friendship though but I also thinks it's better to try than let it linger. Generally if the feelings evolve they ever go completely back. It's best just to be blunt and honest. *looks out window to see if the world is ending after seeing a girl admit her age* xD
    I'm 24 now but I've always thought to some extents of the future. But it was mostly what I wanted to do after school. (yes I've been pondering it for many many years) Personally myself I dont see what's so big about a marriage since I dont see how a ring or paper validates that kinda relationship but I'd do it at least once I think. Like most guys though I'm not sure I'd be a good father if that ever happened haha (which I'm seriously doubting at this point TnT).
    Dont feel to alone I've never known where to look. TuT You wondering about that kinda thing is natural too I'd say if you worrying about it now while you didn't when you was young bothers you a little.

    If KH3 doesn't have a new one I'll be pissed. To hell with 4 I better get that new song with 3. I dont care who just dont remix the same damn songs again Nomura! Dx

    This is true. Even MGS puts things where they should be so you can understand the story. xD
    DGM does give those vibes but unlike KH DGM has the sense to limit it to specific unique people like the Noah. xD

    \^o^/ Sweet!!!! I hope you enjoy it then! *hopes you read it soon* I'm waiting all anxious for the new chapter of Tokyo Ghoul Re to come out. TuT Waiting is hell.
    I know your pain. Between virus' and my own bad way with computers I've lost nearly everyone one I've had somehow. =__=
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