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  • Okay, I might not be available as much this week because I have lots going on with school, but break coming up should allow me some time to help you out with that.
    Is it a staff-only thing for you guys to have such awesome signs? .-.
    lol How have you been?
    Hey, just a heads up, but I added your fc (for that whole friend safari thing, when I ever reach it) if you want, mine's: 4210 4222 7144 The more, the better, right? :) (apparantly I'm a Bug type)
    Hey Narukami, I've added your FC. Mine's 3909-8854-5397 if you want to add me back, and I can help see what you have in your Safari. Thanks!
    Thanks a lot for Dragalge! Enjoy your Ralts, and good luck getting your Modest Yvetel.
    So trading wasn't working out so great tonight. I haven't had problems before with the other people I've traded with but I'll try looking into things on my end. The internet at your family function could also have been the issue, but we can always try again later. The Ralts will always be ready for you.
    Hey Narukami,

    If you're able to trade, now would be the time because I have to leave soon. Unless you don't mind waiting until tonight for the trade. I do have a Ralts all ready to go for you, and as far as trades go any Y exclusives would be great, but I'm not picky on what you trade. Anything is fine.
    Yeah I'm sure. And if I can't get one to hatch exactly as you need it then we can go ahead with the original plan and borrow my Ralts(actually now a Kirlia) to you. So it's all good. Just let me know later when you're good to trade.
    A couple of hours should be fine, but I'll be leaving for a while around then, but it should work. Actually by then I'll try breeding you a Ralts of your own to keep, so no worries about trading back or anything.
    Hey Narukami,

    I'm good with borrowing you my Ralts, so whenever you're good to trade my FC is 3351-4059-3963.
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