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  • I signed up for summer school to get some credits made up and I decided to do it here because it's on the computer. I promised my mom and her ex (who is still my step - dad regardless) that I'd work on it. So every day at around 12pm I work on it.
    Hey nate, we have a bit of a set back in BITLOH. Someone else wants Raikage. But here's the deal, I'm gonna have both of you PM me a Raikage template and which ever one I think is better is the one who's gonna get it.

    But here's the other thing, if I don't get the template within like 10 days, being the impatient person I am, I'm gonna automatically give it to the other guy. 10 days is alot of time to finish a template. Can't wait to see it :)
    Oh he found about me being back in the roleplaying world a few days back.

    No he's gonna be happy to see BITLOH XD
    BITLOH ended because alot of people dropped out and it had to be finished fast.

    I left around Christmas time.

    That's like...a few months span =/
    I was gone for like a week or 2......

    I was going through alot of shit and needed to get away for a bit. That's why I left.
    From the text lol
    I know but like, I have an English paper I need to write, I have a short story I want to write, I have an RP I have to administer, and other RPs I'm in.
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