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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 2.5 Contains II, Birth by Sleep and coded?

    I have a question with the prospect of Birth by sleep final mix with HD remix, do you think they would expand on mirage arena to make it more worldwide social event hub?
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    KH timeline from GT

    http://youtu.be/_pxmTCc6Ank so I came across this and I almost thought it was the english trailer. How silly of me. What do you guys think about gametrailer and their timeline project for kingdom hearts.
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    About Terra and Master Xehanort

    But if they go with eradicating all darkness and the negative effects become strong enough, would make a good saga. The search to find darkness/balance. Using the keyblades as beacons for remnants or residue darkness instead of weapons. And their enemy could be a light-affinity militia based on...
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    Purpose of the Dark Shards

    Actually, can a shard be stolen from another potential bearer? Because I believe MX in DDD mention how destiny will bring together all the pieces to the keyblade graveyard. If this is the case, could another sect of dark keyblade wielders exist that haven't been brought up yet?
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    Best EXP Grinding Spot?

    its such a shame I can't just afk from the 3DS and use the exp walk with exp boost like i did back in BBS. They thought of it ahead with the drop meter. Yes i'm incredibly lazy to level past 70.
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    Xehanort omnipresence

    Thank you all for explaining the answers. Hmm didn't think about the sleep to memories connection. However, it still doesn't explain how he knew about the datascape as Sora himself didn't know about his data version adventures. Thank you to seraph, cosmic and memory for explaining about the...
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    Xehanort omnipresence

    I just wanted to address a bit from young Xehanort chat with Sora and Traverse Town. How was he able to know Sora visited that town more than twice at most. I can understand during COM, and 3D, but how would he had known about the original or even the datascape? Also, another I wish to...
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    New Organization XIII

    Wait, how can you be for sure that at least Even and Dilan wouldn't be part of the new organization XIII? Their original spots could be filled but they could be serving as the higher numbers now because of their lack of nortification. Saying its impossible is a bit premature. Improbable or...
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    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    Is it worth buying this game. I used to play it on the ds and really hated the split screen fighting. Mostly cuz of the stylo interface kinda crapping on me. I just keep thinking, its half the cost of when I did purchase it back then. Is it worth giving 18 dollars to square?
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    Twenty Pieces of a Shattered Blade

    I would find the keyblade war is as it is. A war involving keyblades. Unless Xehanort shatters the walls of the realm of light, it would be rather difficult to incorporate radiant garden gang or any world related ally besides those with keyblades. It seems the easiest way to traverse to the...
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    KH3D Official Strategy Guide

    I don't ever bother with any physical copy of a guide. The best guides are the compendium of dedicated gamers such as swordsaint who puts it up for free and with his own time. Been using your guide for about a week now. Thanks man
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    lvl 1 critical mode

    Question regarding completing it, are you allowed to level up your dream eaters? I know it may sound silly, but I just wanted to check if there are some unwritten rules to doing lvl 1 completion runs. Similar to when people do Nuzlocke run on pokemon.
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    water elemental spells

    What spells were classified as water based? I notice water screen and water boost support abilities. But I couldn't grasp what spells were water type?
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    Take a Picture with KH3D!

    So do I look my age or look way younger than I appear to be?
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    about KH3 and upcoming battles

    I've been thinking it over about the keyblade war that is suppose to happen in kh3.