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  • @ Aldrain: You lucky little....

    @Jet: DUDE! OMG How long has it been since we talked? What's crackin' G?
    Have u ever watched CSI at all, or Numbers on CBS? And i rewrote mythworld check out my prolouge plz. :) I had school off today. and my grandpa is a veteran, from the korean war!
    What kind of story is it? I'll be able to name it better if I knew the details.
    yup. did you make the thread or should me just chat here....OR in the CHAT?
    In love huh? I'm in a WAY more serious relationship idt im IN LOVE. Yur prolly kidding, but dont get ahead of ya' self. But, that's good fro you dude. GO FOR HER!!!!!
    And i need help w/ story title, i was thinking Criminal Intent but thats taken (stupid T.V. shows are always taking the good titles :( )
    Hey nazo! Dude im like in love. Seriously. Theres this girl that like just comes up to me and starts talking. then all of a sudden she says were like friends. She is way hot and she's got a really bubbly personality. Did i mention she's hot? And dude im like head over heals for her!
    Anny, post a thread in the Help & Support section. I can get aldrain and Door To Light to help ya along with me.
    Nice! i got to stay home w/ my friend and give out candy and i watched waynes world that movie is a amazingly funny! and i got a pic of myself up by the way. Ugh my aunts computer is a bitch. i had to put the pic on photobucket then put on my computer before it worked.
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