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  • How exciting!
    Do you know what you're getting yet? lol

    Yep...all nighters are always fun, and unforgetable. Have the time of your life xD
    how've things been on you're end other than wk & school?
    + I'm all "jazzed" that my, our, B-day month is on the horizon
    things have been all good, here where I'm at...thanks
    it's cool that you have someone cool to "hang" with at work
    it must be cool to be in such a comfortable "workl" enviorment...

    happy belated valentines day- by the way :)
    umm my valentines day...was spent awfully. lol
    I had to help w/ a car wash for a student council fundraiser, but it was all good I guess b/c we had a great turn-out.
    Haha thanks alot. Yeah, I'm in love with that CD. Didn't think it would be good but the first time I heard it, I was hooked. His other albums were just as great as well. Kanye can be a bit of an arrogant jerk but man is e talented in the music department haha. Kanye West fans yeeeeaaaah!!
    yea...kanye has been pretty good lately, the other song is cool too :) It'll just take a bit more time for it to grow on me! haha, lol
    I've beaten it...I'm just replaying it to get everything I missed. Gosh' it's such a great game ;)

    What music have you been listening to lately?
    I'v been listening to My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson and Candle (Sick and Tired) by The White Tie Affair.
    By the way, your profile looks awesome now! big props :)
    & secondly, I didn't know that you like the world ends with you?!
    Umm, well I go to a small private high school, the type where you have to apply and pay tuition to get in...so the bands pretty small. :( for now at least. We've got an "OK" director who can be cool & snappy at the same time but we manange. There's no MARCHING program, which I absolutely loathe, but we'd look pretty funny marching with only 16 people. Yea, so its fun... :)
    How have I been...?

    Umm? In short, just like you; really busy :)
    School has been flying by, friends have been the same, been playing tennis, but in all just really enjoying life right now.
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