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  • I made pretty good friends, but I'm afraid that they're gonna, you know, leave me behind.... :p
    yeah, i sorta lost some of my friends in my own class, because i spent so much time with seniors. >_<
    who knows... he's going to wvu (west virginia) and we live in pa. so he could drive up for a day....

    and good to hear it.
    Yeah, I've only known him for a year, but he's seriously become one of my "besties". :p So I can wait a little for BbS, because I won't see him until he comes back for a visit. :)

    And buzzied, that's a wonderful word. I seriously love weddings, I eat all the fancy crap, then walk out on the dance floor and act like a freak.
    Aw, that sucks. I sort of know how you feel kind of not really. I have a pretty good sized gap in my teeth. It sometimes makes me self conscious :/
    Yeah, I don't think I would look right with braces so I don't want em lol.

    Either invisallign or I just won't get anything. My teeth are pretty straight anyway :/
    yes you are a strung girl, haha I don't really know if I should get braces :/ i'm 14 too I might just get some invisiline or something.
    No, I own one. :p She's just being critical of me. I doubt I'm preordering though, I spent the day with one of my friends who is leaving for college, so I'm low. :(

    And assuming you went to the wedding, how was it?
    Ah, that sucks. My uncle had his wisdom teeth pulled and he said it hurted. :3

    By the way, have you seen Scott Pilgrim vs the world?
    You like massage the side of your jaw and open up wide, but don't let it click. Stuff like that.

    Yeah, weddings are always fun lol
    Oh crap lol you surprised me!

    I've had the jaw locking for a while now :/ I heard that some therapy thing helps get rid of it so i'll look into it.

    Anyway, how are you! Did you go to that wedding?
    Nah, it's fine. I try to leave that type of stuff behind me.

    OH, I think I have something like that! It's called TMJ, it's something where your jaw always clicks when it opens, and its hard to open. I read that it was stress related :/
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