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    Of course I am. Just because 80% of the forum hates it, doesn't mean I do.
    My mom is not letting me preorder it. She wants me to save for a car. I'll probably recieve it by Xmas. Which I am not willing to wait. So I have a stash of money I have had hidden for this situation. :p I'm so evil.
    It's actually quite boring.

    For the last week I've bern jumping from forums to gaming. It's quite sad honestly...
    That's sad... I don't like the thought of losing friends... :(

    But hey, is life treating ya well now?
    Nah, I can't really hang out with my friends all that much on the weekends. Last year, on weekends, we first went to miami to see my uncle in the immigration place. And/or going to see my grandfather who had a stroke. I didn't get a chance to chill. Kind of disappointing now that I think about it again. Thanks a lot! d: /joking

    That isn't good. O.O maybe you're like stressed out or something. Stress can cause some pretty weird stuff.
    I guess lol I usually have alot to do on school weekends, but nothing to do during summer :/

    Well, headaches are no fun :/ is it always like that when you wakeup?
    mhm there's this art place in the mall that I've been meaning to check out, I might have some luck there.
    hmm yeah I've heard of it, not sure if it's here either though :x

    I'm just unsure of how to rate my photography or anyone would even buy it
    haha yeah I hope my dad has some ideas, he's was talking about printing them though and I'm not too big on that D:
    yeah I've been thinking about it for a while too but I don't know where or how :s

    I've only had my camera for two years and I haven't used it much up until these past couple of months, so I'm not sure if I'm an amateur or not lol
    Awe, why was it so bad? And looking nice really impresses myself and my family, so in turn makes me happy. :)
    heh I'm not sure, I was just told to make a flickr account ;p

    I have a lot more pictures than that though. My father says not to upload them because I could probably make money off of them >.>
    haha I need to remember what my name was again ^^;;

    oh nvm found a link, good thing I was still logged on

    Flickr: eah photography's Photostream

    oh and all the new stuff is actually old stuff >.> you have to go the last pages to see all my new stuff lol
    yeah I have CS4 and I love it ;D

    haha I haven't put a lot of effort into my account since it's such a tedious task to keep it updated >.>

    Lately I've been uploading a lot of my photography to flickr and stuff
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