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  • I wasn't serious. I find the thought that Square Enix changing Terra's name to Tina in the American version a joke. I didn't believe it for a second.
    Hey Nightmare, how goes it? By the way, Merry Christmas. Sorry it's so late.
    I'm happy I was able to cheer you up. Hope you don't have to go to school tomorrow.
    Um, hello fellow RPer! I see you posted up a template where you are the child of Rosoto and Rika. That is great! But I sorta wanted to add something.

    The Izumi family, from Rika's side of the family, are known for their strength and their mastery of Rokushiki a super-human attack pattern, they are also known for Bankakyo a technique that utilizes their eyes. Bankakyo is unlocked through traumatic events the user must go through. It goes to Bankakyo (unlocked first) ---> Haniri Bankakyo (and enhanced form that destroys their eye in the process) ---> and Samsara Bankakyo (it restores the user's eye sight and is enhanced from Haniri in order for someone to unlock Samsara they must be killed and brought back to life AFTER obtaining Haniri).

    Here is Rokushiki
    Tekkai ? He is able to manipulate his body mass at a molecular level. With this he is able to harden, harden as powerful as diamond, or generate intangibility in any and all parts of his body. This is generally a defensive technique, to evade or absorb any attacks. But he is also able to use it offensively, harden his fist and attack, or generate intangibility to the point where he is no longer visible and attack. He is able to use this technique and transfer it to another person with physical contact.

    Rankyaku- Centering his energy to his lower limbs he is able to use that energy by spreading it across the surface of his leg and push the air on him to generate a large blade-like projectile.

    Soru ? Slightly similar to Rankyaku, he centers his energy on the bottoms of his feet, and push the air below him and he is able to kick off the ground and almost seem to disappear from sight, with this he is able to move at extremely high speeds.

    Impact ? He gathers the energy to his palms and is able to use a varied set of moves.

    ---- Impact Cannon- Using his palm he pushes very forcefully the air in front of his palm, and generates a small, but very powerful, clear sphere, that is shot out of his palm and moves at lightening speed and can go through any object. When the sphere contacts the object it shots right through it leaving a large imprint of the object on the inflicted area, while this attack does not leave any physical damage, other than the imprint, it destroys the target internally. This is so powerful in fact, that it has left people fatally wounded due to the internal damage.

    ----Repelling Impact- Very similar to impact cannon however rather than push the air in front of him, he pushes anything that comes in contact with his palm. With this he is able to reflect any and all attacks, even used it to reflect lightening, or push any object he touches with extreme force.

    Shigan ?He is able to change the mass in his finger to match that of his other technique Impact. He attacks very forcefully with his finger and specifically aims to vital points in the body. He can attack with such speed his hands seem to disappear.

    Rokuougan- He places his fists right in front of the target and launches a devastating shock wave, which seems to have the same power to Impact.

    And here is Bankakyo
    Bankakyo ?

    Bankakyo is a technique that utilizes his eyes. It changes the features of his eyes. Instead of the piercing blue eyes he has the color in his eyes become blood red, the pupil becomes slightly bigger and three black tomoes appear and surround the pupil. The appearance of his eye isn?t the only thing that changes, his eyesight is incredibly heightened and he is even given the power to predict the movements of anything!
    Haniri Bankakyo ?

    An ancient technique only for people apart of the Izumi family. The Izumi family were among many people during the creation of worlds, they are known for their endurance, good looks, pure hearts and most of all; their strength. They have unbelievable power in fact the second Izumi (Minoru?s Grandfather) used his power to spilt the universe?s energy into both light and darkness! They have this ability called Bankakyo, and incredible versatile power. It has the ability to see the world?s energy and can detect any type of movements. But Bankakyo still wasn?t mastered, until one day (about 13 years after Rika and Miyuki?s disappearance), Taku enhanced its power. He created the Haniri Bankakyo and enhanced form; he could now use even more powerful techniques!

    Unfortunately Haniri requires the user to go through another traumatic event, and even then the power of Haniri is so great it deteriorates the user?s eyesight making them blind after prolonged use. Taku unlocked this power after learning of his sister?s disappearance, his Bankakyo is different, and the black tomoes expand and connect to form a black star.

    He can now use the following;


    The highest level of fire attacks, he generates black flames that literally incinerates anything and everything; it cannot be extinguished with anything but the Bankakyo that generated it.

    Tsukuyomi ?

    This technique requires eye contact to work. Tsukuyomi is a techinque in which he traps his target in a world created by him and tortures them for what seems like years, in the matter of seconds, or forces them to relive their most horrid moment.


    He is also able to generate a spectral being that resembles a yamabushi who carries a giant sword capable of repelling anything and everything. The actual being surrounds Taku and protects him with his body, the most powerful of all techniques but the most dangerous. Susannoo drains his life force and every cell of his body burns with pain.

    Jigen ?

    He is able to freely send anything he pleases to another dimension within his bankakyo eye, when he executes this he is able to distort the figure and make it swirl clockwise into a certain point. However he can do this inconspicuously as well, he can send his body parts to the dimension and remain completely intangible but appear physically unchanged, and this is very effective in avoiding attacks.

    Samsara Bankakyo-

    The Haniri destroys Taku?s eyesight and will eventually cause him to go blind, Samsara is the remedy. Samsara is the cycle of life, death, birth, and rebirth. Everything will be balanced, as one dies another is born. Samsara makes his Bankakyo eternal and completely restores his eyesight and even enhances his abilities though there is a catch. Samsara is about rebirth so; in order to gain it Taku must be killed and brought back to life. Taku was killed around 500 years after the Order was disbanded.

    His Samsara is still the star with a black shuriken going through it.

    Note, you do not have to use the same Bankakyo techniques as this person but if you must have Haniri the limit of technique is four, two in each eye. Also note, Samsara is difficult to achieve so you don't HAVE to have that one. I just wanted to have consistency, so Rokushiki is highly recommended but Bankakyo is optional.
    Oh yeah, I forgot it was sunday, even though I don't have school tomorrow, due to break. 5 more days til X-mas. Wait, does that mean you have to go to school on X-mas?
    I've heard that song, pretty good. Right now, I'm listening to Ten-Thousand Fists by them. BTW, I thought up a new RP idea. The link is in my sig, called No More Heroes: The Final Fight. Check it out and tell me what you think.
    We got a little bit of snow today also, just enough to cover the ground. I'm just getting into Disturbed. So far, this is my favorite song by them. BTW, I have a new RP up. It is in my Signature, called No More Heroes: The Final Fight. Tell me what you think.
    Yeah. Well, this year we only have 3 calamity days, which sucks because we get bad snow storms.
    Sorry, I've been pretty busy of late. During X-mas break, we should get a lot of posts.
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