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  • *deflects off a shield of dark energy* have I not told you? I can control the most powerful form of energy in the known universe... if I will it, I'm literally invincible nothing breaks dark energy
    But the possibility of him accepting is rather low considering he doesn't have time correct?

    And arrogant? How could expressing my opinion be considered arrogance? Because I think something is boring doesn't mean I'm arrogant, you are very quick to throw out words aren't you? Plus I don't care, nobody is going to respect me unless I work for it, respect needs to be earn and that's exactly what I plan to do, so don't assume I give two-sh!ts about anyone respecting me.

    And the entire intent on you making your RP was so it could be interesting to me and others, what's interesting to me isn't interesting to anyone else, probably, I assumed you would know what is interesting.
    Pfft, leader obviously doesn't want me there; it isn't like he couldn't be more subtle, fuc% this is soo boring!

    Make an interesting RP so I can join.
    Not right now, no. Two more hours and my parents should be satisfied with the excess of writing and reading I've been doing.

    But, I'll be on earlier than I was yesterday. :3
    I made myself a facebook. If you wish, I'll add you, and if you have it, varsha.
    I will call animal control on you, jk.... kinda.... no really jk.

    but I'm still reading it right now!! I missed a frickin lot and unless you want to catch me up on whos fighting and who's winning then just wait a little bit longer, and I know you did lol.
    It is long dead man. I'm sorry, but my main poster, varsha, is barely on anymore (stupid facebook), it is long forgotten among the others, and it was so small that everyone had to mostly have 2 characters. If anything, I would love to reboot it, being my best RP and most successful, but it is dead.
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