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  • you said you were going to do it awhile back..so. lol

    This is Ovafaze btw..namechange
    Remember..your 1000 post must be in the Zelda thread. TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

    3 post left..
    paolo and ulti sent their's in....i'll update.

    little disappointed in our sad excuse for a memberbase >:C
    Hiii ^^ I've been doing all right, enjoying having decent internetz again. ^^ You?
    I don't remember, but I'll check on that for ya on my PS3. As of right now, I'm level grinding and getting all of my abilities and signature moves then I'll move on with the story, lol, then same thing for Aqua. :) Proud doesn't seem hard once you're high level, but yeah in the beginning it's harder.

    Yep, I do own a PS3, but I'm thinking of getting PS4 once it's out. :3 Yeah, KH HD 1.5 Remix is on its way to America and Europe in the Fall!! :DD

    Me too, but it's so sad that Ven is willing to shatter his own heart just to save his friends and prevent the completion of the X-Blade. :( But at least Sora managed to save him twice by letting Ven sleep inside Sora's heart, while Ven's body is safe in what is left of Land of Departure, now known as Castle Oblivion.
    I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but to answer all stories, play through in this order: Terra- Ven- Aqua- Final Episode in Proud Mode.
    Ahaha! You can't beat my PC collection!!

    Well, then you should definitely just move to the West coast. It's the best coast, after all (I couldn't resist).

    Yeah! But it's okay, I found another guy who was selling a Wii U for $200. So I bought that one!
    I am....I have like 200 Steam games....

    Ummmmm....probably only Mario Kart Wii or Brawl. But it's been a loo~oong time...

    He was just a jerk. I called him and he said he'd sell it to me and then a few hours later he told me he'd sold it to someone else instead. Jerks.
    Aww.. ;_; I hope you do get some money to actually buy a new psp to continue BBS. I finished Terra's Story on Proud Mode yesterday afternoon.. I'm just now starting Ven's Story on Proud Mode.

    Oh, I have 3DS and D.D.D.. but I actually wanted to start off with BBS since I wanted to see everything in the correct storyline from TVA to SRK.

    Um, which story did you like the most in BBS?
    Because I am a PC master race gamer!!

    I have pretty much every good Wii/DS game so...I found a $200 Wii U on craigslist the other day and I tried to get it but it didn't work out. :(
    I don't think you're going to like my response.

    I have a PC, DS, and Wii. I've been working on getting a Wii U but things keep falling through...
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