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    would you replace maleficent for Jafar or hades as the main disney villain or just keep her?

    I think people are interpreting this thread too subjectively. Objectively, she is the best villain for the role because she is the only one looking beyond her own story. Granted, her world was destroyed (I think? I've only seen it in khux) so she didn't have anything else to focus on. Hades and...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    I'll have to watch it again, but aren't these fights taking place before Sora shows up to save the day? After all, I doubt everyone was just standing around waiting for him. It makes perfect sense for it to be an expansion of the fights rather than new ones. As a result, there's probably no...
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    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    Khux doesn't involve time travel, it involves reflections of worlds to come.
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    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    Don't forget the in-universe rule of time travel: you have to exist at that point in time. Even Xehanort couldn't go to a time before he was born. Therefore, no, Sora can't be MoM, since we know exactly when Sora was born due to the whole Ventus in his heart thing.
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    The 7th Pupil of the Master of Masters

    I actually had the theory that Vanitas was the darkness shown in that cutscene with Maleficent. Xehanort showed you can time travel so long as a version of you exists, so it can definitely be Vanitas. However, let's look back on the events so far, namely the one who offed Strelitzia and took...
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    The 7th Pupil of the Master of Masters

    If the traitor is in the box, why even bother giving Gula the task of finding them? That's a big gaping hole in this theory. As for it being someone's heart, how about Strelitzia's since she's the first character chronologically to lose her heart? Maybe MoM is the one who shanked her and took...
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    A couple strange scenes where Lesser Nobodies speak?

    Oh I guess I thought Samurai were Xemnas because of his lightsabers but that makes sense too. And maybe Sora is the only one who could hear them because he still had Roxas' heart.
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    A couple strange scenes where Lesser Nobodies speak?

    It was never stated that Nobodies couldn't speak or be intelligent. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the difference between the formulation of nobodies and Org13 peeps is the strength of heart, not cognitive potential. So I don't see why they wouldn't be able to talk. The main difference aside...
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    News ► KH3 Critical Mode adds various QOL updates including save carry over, more photo slots

    I'm getting it downloaded as we speak, I checked a bit late but it was ready for me when I did. Gonna start a new game+.... then go to bed. XD had a long day.
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    KH3 deleted scenes

    Him getting put to sleep so easily was a reference to DDD where Sora fell into a deep sleep pretty much right at the start of the game and becoming vulnerable to being preyed on by org13. Marluxia found it super easy to make him fall asleep again because of it. Which.... kinda makes it dumb how...
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    KH3 deleted scenes

    I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering about that. Mother Gothel clearly sees it under the stairs after Rapunzel escapes, and yet the next time we see it, Rapunzel gives it to Eugene like she promised. How did she get it if she left it in the tower? There's lots of plot holes that could...
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    So... why are there no Disneyland Attractions/Merchandise/presence for Kingdom Hearts?

    Add a section to It's A Small World After All? For ironic purposes, of course. ;)
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    Can we just talk about how awful the Cherry Flan is

    My biggest rage with this is that if you hit a wall a certain way, you end up spinning around 180 degrees and going backwards, or knocked into a corner where it'll automatically fail you. I did manage to get it beat finally, but good grief.
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    The Curious Case of Yen Sid, the guy whose name spelled backwards is

    Well considering he no longer has the ability to wield a keyblade himself (it does say he's a former keyblade wielder) maybe he acknowledged the limits of his strength and decided the best way to help everyone was to just clear out the trash. He might not have been able to actively help them...
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    MoM takes the hood off and underneath it is...

    MoM is actually Steve Irwin back from the dead, practicing an American accent.