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  • Haha, alright, no worries about that. I'll just have to go online again since I just registered someone's FC. It sucks to have to be sent offline after you return from the home menu. -_-
    Sure thing! I've renamed the Pokemon and of course, either of those would be fine. I'm ready to trade whenever you are.
    Do you want me to nickname your Ferroseed? And I have some extra Fossils, if you want... there are Armor, Skull, Helix, and Dome Fossils available here in my inventory. I can throw them in as well. :D
    Sometimes they're just gibberish it's hilarious. XD When I name my Pokemon, I always use nicknames that have actual meaning or are portmanteaux of obvious aspects of that Pokemon. For example, my Ferrothorn is named Durian because it downright looks like one, Reuniclus is Celculus (a combination of cell and homunculus), and Noivern is Decibel, a measurement unit for sound pressure. I love playing with words like that, haha.

    Speaking of Reuniclus... Flubber is ready. :D
    Oh, I've got one, but this is going to sound extremely scholastic. The genus for the great white shark is Carcharodon, and since Garchomp is a dragon-shark... thing, how about nicknaming it Carcharogon? I believe XY is able to handle 12 characters, so it should be no problem since it only has 11.
    o_O Oh, my bad. I somehow mistook Bold as Modest. Alright, That shouldn't be a problem, I know it can be done.

    Umm, let's see. Drasna certainly doesn't fit Gabite since she's a kindly, gentle elderly woman. It would be more fitting for probably Altaria. If anything, the Gible line is Cynthia, haha. We still have until Pokebank has been released at the end of this month, right? Let me think of a name for a while, then...
    I see, I can certainly do that. Would Quiet be an alternative, considering Reuniclus' Speed is fantastically low anyway?

    Ah, Flubber. I got your reference; I'm surprised you're familiar with that name! :D
    Hmm, let's see. I currently have good-natured 5-IV Goodra (-Atk), Dragonite (-SpA), Ferrothorn (-Spe), and Noivern (-Atk). In addition, I have 4-IV Klefki (-Atk, -SpA), Reuniclus (-Atk, -Spe), and Clauncher (-Atk, -Spe). I think I can breed an almost identical hatchling from them. Is there anything that interests you?

    PS. The Dragonite and Goodra were made possible thanks to your Safari. Now I'm trying for Haxorus as well, haha.
    I think that's because they focused more on Megas, which is why there aren't as many new Pokemon as well. I'm seriously not digging into the idea of Mega Evolutions... not only more often than not their designs are... meh, but some of them, like Gengar (and its God-forsaken Shadow Tag), are just so gamebreaking.

    By the way, I'm interested in your Garchomp. I have a Modest Larvesta at 31/xx/31/31/31/31 and a Timid Archen at 31/31/31/xx/31/31, would you be interested in either of them?
    It still amazes me to no end that the folks over at Game Freak decided to give Scyther an evolution, while Pinsir is stuck with none. Megas don't count. :p
    Gotta have faith, right? :)

    Haha, it wasn't... until I realised how strangely adorable those little green blobs are when breeding them. In addition, its name is somewhat reminescent to a snack that I was very fond of in my childhood, sosis Solo (which literally translates into "Solo sausage", Solo being a name of a city in Indonesia). My favourite Pokemon of all time remains Espeon, though, with Lucario coming in a close second.
    Haha, yeah, amen to that. I just hope it all is going to go smoothly. Now that I've done the unthinkable, I'm starting to get apprehensive of my future, actually. XD

    Oh well! I'll deal with problems on the fly (I just hope they don't come in swarms). It's not like I'm going to stop searching for possible opportunities to study abroad, and I can still hope for the best.
    The first step of it, yeah. Quit it, haha. I'm going to proceed with my plan for volunteering. There's a month of break before I start, so if there's a call for interview with that Japanese company in the meanwhile, that'd be sweet. If there isn't, though, I'm still going to be okay with it.

    It's kind of a bold move that I've made, but there's no turning back now. Guess hindsight is always better than foresight, huh...
    Still, it's good to exercise due judgment and caution when switching majors and not to do it on a whim. While it might be easy to do the first time round, if you learn that the major you switched from is actually what was best for you, it may not be so easy to switch back. You've got to be really sure about it to prevent unnecessary disappointment.

    Ha, I see that you didn't catch my drift when I said I was​ stuck. XD
    It's not fun at all. You're pretty much by yourself, everyone is competing against one another, and that's it for you if you lag behind. Heads will roll at the end of the year, haha, although fortunately I've managed to avoid that fate for two years. But probably I shouldn't discourage you from tackling the professional world, eh?

    It really is a very difficult major, but more difficult ones have been known. I'm glad I studied this though, since I've got an interest in that field. In the past, I had actually thought of enrolling in Medicine, but I took the chances and went for this new major instead. It was worth it. :)

    Sadly, I was stuck with a job that's completely unrelated to what I've studied, making it feel like my work was a huge waste of time since I actually am not interested in what I was doing. To be honest, jobs were scarce and interview calls were rare the moment I graduated from university, so I just took up the first offer that came to me. Many of my friends ended up in a similar predicament... it was sad, really.

    But oh well, at least I'm okay now. I did say I was stuck, didn't I? :p
    You're welcome! But to be honest, though... I missed the finals period, haha. Those times were when my friends and I would often gather to study together, making it at least more fun than studying all by myself. It's pretty much kill or be killed now in the professional world. :p

    I majored in Biomedical Engineering. It was a fairly recent major when I enrolled, but I loved every bit of it... well, except that fourth semester. XD
    Yeah... I remember my grades plummeting to rock bottom during my fourth semester because hated one of the subjects with a passion, haha. Fortunately after that I learned from my mistakes and, although I still played a lot, steadily made a hike. That one semester was the Dark Ages of my university years, and I still remember it clearly even after four years!

    Don't worry about finals too much, though. If you've followed the all the classes throughout the semester, it's going to be hard to get bad grades. Take this from someone who has been through seven semester of fighting with exams and fellow classmates. ;) You'll do fine, I'm sure of it, considering you said you've been doing well in your classes.

    If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you are majoring in?
    I just hope it will be snowing when I get there, haha. The first time I experienced winter, which was a year ago, it hadn't snowed yet, which was quite a bummer.

    Well, that's going to be one heck of a case of Monday blues, alright... I can relate. I had never been to a vacation just before my finals though... I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to pass. :p I wasn't the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to academic field, and when I was in the university, as long as I passed the subject, I was content (but not with an excessively low grade, of course).

    How long will your finals be? And when is Christmas break starting?
    Well, guess what? It turns out that we will be returning home on the 24th, which means it's just in time for Christmas eve. The streak will not need to be broken, haha... although I still wish we'd go somewhere else within the country instead. :p

    I'm very excited about the US trip because of various reasons, but most of all, it's because I can finally see snow. Like, real snow falling from the sky. Being born and raised in a tropical country, never even once have I seen snow, but it's about to change soon! XD
    Ah, I see. That really sounds a lot of fun!

    Me, huh? ... well, my parents are planning to go to the neighbouring country of Singapore just before Christmas, but I really am not at all excited. I mean, I've spent the last six years of my life in Singapore, four years for study and two for work, and I'm pretty much done with it, haha. There isn't really much to do here for average tourists; it'd be most likely shopping, mall-hopping, and eating... nothing too interesting. Well, I can take my parents to nature reserves and parks and all that stuff, but I doubt they would want it. :p

    I'm not particularly keen on this one because I'm afraid that it'd break our Christmas tradition, too. See, every Christmas eve, it's a custom for me to meet up with old friends and attend Mass at our alma mater, and after that my parents would take me to have what you could say an equivalent of Thanksgiving dinner. The day after, we would celebrate with our extended family, having lunch or dinner together and exchanging gifts, enjoying each other's company in general. It's been like this for a good decade now, and it'd be a shame if the streak is broken, haha.

    Oh, but I do plan to visit my sister in the US in late January. Now that's one trip I'm very excited for, although... yeah... it's a painful blow to my wallet... XD
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