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  • Its PSP and most of those characters never had voices. Can't blame them =/

    And you can play as them, every character has a story mode, right?
    I just told you, probably Tidus or Leon ..Cloud is tempting but I heard he SUCKS in PvP, his attacks are so easy to read and stuff =/ ..Ultimecia looks cheap imo.
    You borrowed the PSP or something?

    Who'd be your main?..I'd hate to be the noob that uses Cloud all the time, but the only FF characters I'm familiar with are him, Sephiroth, Leon, and Tidus ...probably Tidus :3
    Do I plan on playing BBS?


    Hell yeah I plan on playing BBS, as well as Dissidia for the hell of it! XXD
    Not much at all, still in school for like, 8 more days. Sucks. You?

    EDIT: Oops, forgot I responded this morning, my bad xD
    hm, that's neat. the thing is our stores close at 7 pm and the only one that stay open the whole night doesn't really sell games. Also they don't tend to give discounts on things here. anyway it's late over here an i have to go to bed or I'll struggle with falling sleep on the buss... talk to you another time
    I don't know. But i know there wont be where i live seeing our stores are closed at that time.
    It should be Sora > Sephiroth > Edward Cullen. > means greater than and < means lesser than. Think of it this way: if the small end is pointing towards something, it means it is lesser. If the big end is pointing towards something, it means it is greater.
    Sora < Sephiroth < Edward Cullen

    That's a bit backwards. That's saying that Sora is less than Sephiroth who is less than Edward Cullen, meaning Twilight is better than KH. Change the symbols around.
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