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  • KH wiki... no.. pretty much ALL wiki's are not reliable to some degree. That wiki in particular can be quite inaccurate a lot of the time hence the backlash in your thread. Don't worry I'll handle this.
    i made this thread seeing if there were any other people on the KH wiki here, and the response was... well... offensive to say the least
    Oh I'm glad things worked out for you, but feel free to browse the rest of the forums :3


    What's happened?
    Oh I see, then again there's always fan fics and what not. There's also RPG maker, which I'm sure you can make a mage wield such a weapon. But that's just a guess.
    Well it only seems that the non FF characters can wield keyblades; for continuity reasons. Also take into account that they pretty much only serve the purpose of being fan service.
    No problem, and while I'm not much of an FF fan the blackmages are quite interesting; there very existence is quite intriguing. Plus it's old school so that's automatic win.
    Good, but still I'm not entirely sure how it plays out so don't take my word for it that easily. And yeah, just post in a constructive manner and you'll have access to the RPG soon enough.
    Well, I never actually used it so I don't really know. Though I'm sure it has a somewhat RPG like HUD when you actually play.
    I don't mind, I'll add you in a sec, though I'm not an official trainer I'll be glad to give you tips if you need some.
    No problem, and honestly you don't have to repay me at all. Helping members is part of my job.
    Well just find a thread to your liking, post your thoughts/opinion on it and your done. Just do it tastefully, if you catch my drift IE if you want to disagree don't do so in a manner that would anger others intentionally. As for the wiki, I can assume you're a member there? No thanks.
    Ok, but just keep in mind just post bumping in order to gain access to the RPG is against KHI's posting policy. In short, spam, which doesn't make yourself look good and the forums. But everyone makes mistakes; and you're new so I didn't expect you to know a lot about this place and it's rules.

    For further info check out the FAQ under the forum banner. Also as for your question about the KHIexp here's a link that could help.
    If you want to post in the RPG section, do so constructively. That crap you tried to pull earlier won't work; I'll just keep deleting your posts, and if that doesn't work there will be a harsher punishment. I'm not trying to scare you off, just giving you fair warning before you get banned.
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