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  • Well, I wasn't there last year so sadly I missed it. BUT I was in a production of Wizard of Oz when I was a kid living in Okinawa. ;)

    And I'll be sure to let you know if any more videos get posted. ;)
    Well, my good friend Stephen was the one who played the Priest and we designed the role to suit him and his way of acting. So while I die laughing every time I see the marriage scene in TPB, I like how the Priest was in our play. ;)

    Really wish/hope someone will post either the Necromancer Ned scene or the Forest of Death scene. The F.o.D. scene was by far the highlight of the play. My friend Alexa played Princess Serenity, and while she's just a Freshman/Soon-To-Be-Sophomore, she stole the show and definitely a natural actress. In the F.o.D. scene, she did a spot-on Judy Garland imitation while dressed up in a Dorothy costume (the joke was that her older sister who graduated last year played Dorothy in the school's production of Wizard of Oz).
    Cuz I know you'd want to see this. ;) I'm the guy in blue on the right end of the stage. Sadly it ISN'T the Necromancer Ned scene, but it's the only video of the play on YouTube at the moment.

    YouTube - ‪Indigo: Color of Vengeance, Marriage Scene‬‏
    It's awesome. ;3; Though, instead of it being from the POV of Westley/William (as he's called in our play), it's from the perspective of one 'Indigo Manyana'. ;)
    It's been a lot of fun! My friends wrote the script (I aided 'em in an early draft, but my contributions didn't really stick around long)! 8D The character I've been casted as is our parody version of Miracle Max. ;)
    Doing alright. Gonna graduate soon and I'm in the last school play, which is this coming Thursday and Friday. And rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to go on to 9:00 PM. And on Friday, after the play, we're supposed to stick around and aid de-constructing the entire set, so I won't be done until past midnight on Friday. xD That said, I'm really excited. It's a parody of "The Princess Bride" and it is EPIC. <3
    I haven't seen you or seen you post in a long while! What's goin on?
    Well, we haven't conversed with one another in some time!!! =O

    What up? :3 *glompage* <333333333333333333333333333333
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