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  • Oh could you? Thankyou! That would be really great!
    Btw you and your sister have great taste in KH guys ;)
    ...I want to know what this mural project isss =[
    Sorry reply took so long. Was celebrating KH day yesterday. It was exciting, can't wait to get pics up. and Naw! Not doing the mural project as of now. Got too much stuff to do. And I work most of the time. Either at my job or on my farm. I just moved to TN from OH. Didn't want to but didn't have a choice really. I didn't make the avy I have, my sister made it for me. I only know how to you PScs3 and she has a strange corel program on my laptop that I don't know how to use. So I have to have her make most of my stuff for me. LOL! I'm too busy to learn a new program.
    yeah thanks it took forever to find one i liked and im glad i stumbled upon it lol :)
    so are you taking part in the mural project?
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