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  • So you study in your own school now, but will later be transferred to one of those five schools?

    Well, that's good! I'm glad you are happy now. Most people from separated family can't even live as good as us, and you seem to have gotten a better life than us. I hope you enjoy your life and I wish you a happy life!
    Hmm, that's quite unfortunate that this is the most convenient method of communication that we have... if there were a faster method, it wouldn't have been a problem.

    How about trying to register to Hangame? That's a handle that you can use to login to Chi. Here's the link: https://member.hangame.co.jp/registration/index.nhn?kind=www

    Feel free to ask me anything you need help with!
    So, just copy this into the text box: すなつよおさん

    It should work. Tell me if it doesn't. :)
    I actually can help you with the CAPTCHA. What you need to do is just send me a screenshot of the authentication screen so that I can see the characters to be retyped, and then I'll type them here so that you can copy and paste it.

    Alternatively, you can try making a Hangame account, but I'm not familiar with that method. But have you succeeded in making an account?
    Wait... so you're allowed to study in different schools? This is the first time I hear about such case. It must be tough.

    Sorry to hear that your parents are divorced... so you're with your mom now?
    I see... so we're the same. I sucked at math back in high school, and was even considered as hopeless by my math teacher. But I'm a lot better now and I wish I could show her my recent results haha. Well, it's good that you can handle everything else. Not too bad, isn't it? But I guess your exam should be over now?

    Glad to hear that. I guess Vappu is May Day (based on what I saw on Wikipedia), right? We celebrate it here too (but as Labour Day), but I have only Thursday off, and I have class on Friday (I'm a college student).

    So you're from America, but studying in Finland?
    Well, I hope you enjoy the movie! Btw, I noticed that there have been new episodes uploaded past few days. I'll watch them with my brother later.

    So how's your life? Busy? :D
    And I'm not trying to promote our group, but we're in the Vulpeus union. If you decide to be in Vulpeus, do consider joining our party, and we'll see if there's a vacant spot. ^_^
    yeah, the thing with sima is that the alcoholic taste depends on how old it is
    so if its just small its pretty much perfect

    i like it otherwise but i try to avoid the raisins that are put in home-made sima, eugh
    Nah, not everyone plays it. Only a small percentage of us do, haha. We've actually got a rather comprehensive guide on the KH Chi forums that you can refer to, as well as easily understandable translated mission lists. You can also always consult any of us in the fanclub if you are stuck with difficulties. :)
    you asking if i party on may first?

    that'd be "hei, juhlitko vappuna?"

    to answer your question, i have a bag of chips, coca-cola, my boyfriend and my computer
    if that's not a party i don't know what is

    ent?s itse? (how about you?)
    Trailer, hehe, well said. Of course the trailer is awesome, it is meant to be awesome so that you'll go watch the movie :D. But whether the movie is great or not, you'll have to find out yourself. I won't tell you how the movie is :p.
    Oh, I'm exactly the opposite. I didn't watch the first one. My elder brother watched it without informing me (damn him), so I'll have to watch it some other day...

    I've watched The Last Mission, though. Will you go check it out some day?
    Heys, Voyageer. Long time no see! Since you've posted in our Chi fanclub, what say you about playing the game? :D
    It's ok, I sometimes can't help too, haha. I've not watched the newest episode too, but I'll go check it out soon!

    By the way, have you watched The Last Mission?
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