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  • Me too. But maybe Togashi was just making it look like there's something, you know, after all, they're the killer family, things like recruiting Killua could be natural. But let's hope not.

    Wow, I didn't know Maha fought with Netero! And the phrase only one who survived surprised me, because I never knew that. But he looks a lot like an ET haha.

    As for Alluka, I don't know much about him/her (damn Togashi), but I want to stay away from spoilers xD...
    Yeah, it's in fact not surprising, but when I first heard Leorio's voice, I was like: Oh my God, isn't that Axel!? Cool!

    Hmm, the Ant Arc is going to be over, I'm looking forward to the next arc. I don't read the manga so I don't know whether Kurapika and Leorio will be back, but knowing that Ging is finally appearing makes me so excited! I bet all the fans are dying to witness the moment the father and the son reunite!
    Yes, I prefer the new version's animations over the previous one's. The previous one is indeed more popular among the fans. I did not watch the whole 1999 version, but from what I saw, it has its very unique style (I can't tell why). Both versions' animations are good in their own way, but the old one seems to have better OST. I actually like the old Kurapika, he looks more handsome to me. For animations style, though, the new one still catches my eyes. If I had followed the series since the 1999 version, I might prefer that version instead.

    Oh, I see. Guess what, I thought the Yorknew (or Yorkshin) Arc would conclude everything between Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe, but it didn't, which is good :p. And I love how the troupe kicks the ants' asses, haha. I really love to see things like my favorite villains vs. common villains of them and the protagonists. They look freaking cool. But since the Yorknew Arc, we hardly see Leorio and Kurapika. I hope to see them soon (what's more, Leorio's japanese voice actor is the same as Axel's!)...
    Hi, sorry for the late reply. I was having an exam today so I had to prepare last night. :)

    I knew Hunter x Hunter since 2004-2006 (I forgot which year), when the 1999 version anime of the series first aired in my country (Malaysia). I didn't follow the series back then since I was not very interested in it. I did watch, though, some of its episodes, but I didn't know exactly what it was about. Until 2012, when my elder brother picked up the 2011 version of the anime again, then only I followed the series properly. I realized how fun the series is, and I was addicted to it!

    The animations have improved so much, and the story is really good and fun. Since the 2011 version is still on going, I would watch it immediately when an episode is released. I don't read the manga, but I once read it when a new episode was still in progress in order to catch up with the story (it was during the Chimera Ant Arc). Yes, my personal favorite is the Ant Arc. Although many dislikes this arc, I myself love the tension of the atmosphere and the OST that plays during the tension.
    oh yes, thank god

    the warm days came earlier than usual though, usually it's around this time when it slowly starts getting warmer
    at this rate summer's going to be really hot
    I have a little moderation power. Not much but some. Also, I make graphics for the website. So, once they go live, you can wear any avvys and signatures you like from the collections that get put up. Not all will be by me, but a few will.
    i believe so
    it's been like 84 years since i last read anything so my memory's hazy

    i'm all caught up with the pages though
    oh boy

    well i said that it's quite a coincidence that you live in finland and are a homestuck too
    at least you have time to read all the pages because of the megapause
    Haha only a few days is all. Granted I've wanted to be a mod for a long time, site staff is ever so slightly better, imo.
    Well, I'm saying I have a hard time. Do what you need to do, and have as many friends as you like :) and yeah, I'm staff now.
    I wouldn't over extend yourself though. It's REALLY difficult for me to maintain online friendships. For some it's hard to do the same.
    Nice. Well, it's nice to meet you too. I've almost been around here for like 7 years. I creeped for a long time.
    No, I meant my username on this site. XD; That's my Pokemon X name. My Animal Crossing name is Krystal.
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