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Recent content by Omega Prime

  1. Omega Prime

    Strongest Keyblade?

    it all depends on the mood ur in and how much fun for u and how much pain that u wish to put the heartless into
  2. Omega Prime

    did you notice Xion's magic?

    Yeah its wierd that even when she couldn't use the keyblade that at times xion's magic was far stronger then roxas's magic O_o .
  3. Omega Prime

    Tansformers: Worlds Reuntied Co-created by Kari'Heart and Omega Prime

    Okay, this rp is a mix in between Transformers and Kingdom Hearts Transformers: Worlds Reuntied It has been tweanty years later after Cybertron was put in danger once again, but something isn't the same there are now teens that can wield key like weapons. They headed back to earth once again...