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  • I've been trying to think of an original RP but nothing pops up. 7 Days was real good. I dont understand why it didnt last. But the RPers now are different. Most will join and stick with the RP through the end as long as its interesting. Its only a few that will join and then quit soon after.
    The RPs are going good. That's about the only thing I do on the site since its not much KH stuff to talk about. Your 7 Days RP was real creative. You should create another one. Or maybe we can collaborate on one.
    Oh, sorry about that. One of my good friends died a couple weeks ago. He drowned in Costa Rica. A giant wave took him.

    Are you gonna stay active now or is this just a visit.
    Well, its just that you actually try to follow the story a poem is telling you...most people read it, feel good about it, and say it is cool. Or don't feel good about it and say it is crap. When you comment it actually helps someone, if they are willing to accept your critics of course.
    Ey man, thanks for the request. ^^

    Btw, what was it that you said in The Writer's Workshop? 7 Days, an RP of yours?
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