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  • :heart: Thanks!!! I wanted to make something different from the other charms. ;D To describe the actual weapon, I'll currently give this brief idea for a description: "wings and blades"... ;D

    Awesome!!! =3 :heart: So she cries because she remembers him? Aww... :heart: :heart: :heart: I love it already!!! ^_^
    LOL Aqua IS awesome!!! =D :heart: However, if not for the bond she's begun to forge with Sora by that time, it's very likely she would have taken the deal. ;D She even makes him his own charm like her's and TAV's (details on it are on either pg 18 or 19) It's actually the keychain for Sora's strongest keyblade. ;D

    Oooh I like that idea!!! :heart:
    I already knew his real name. XD And I agree, Alain sounds ten times cooler than Adam. My friend changed it to Alain, because unlike the other characters in the movie, the Prince didn't have a French name. So I asked for permission to use the name, which he gladly allowed. ;D

    LOL Thanks again! ^_^ I'm currently trying to think up what everyone's roles will be in this. I always do that when I'm thinking up a fanfic. Like for example, Dr. Facilier. He's going to try and make a very tempting offer to Aqua at one point: in exchange for helping him with something, he'll bring back Terra and Ven. He shows her an illusion of her being with her two best friends, making her think seriously about accepting the deal. However, as she's already begun to have feelings for old brown spikes, she notices Sora's missing in this vision. When she asks where Sora is in all of this, Facilier shrugs and trys to pass it off as a minor detail. Aqua, needless to say, turns down the offer. :heart:

    What do you think? =3
    XD Exactly! It's a recurring joke within the story/possible series, as I said. ;D

    Yeppers!!! ^_^ Stitch is one of my favorite Disney characters and I couldn't resist having him as a more permanent member of the team. XD That one's my favorite!!! XD But the one at Beast's Castle was the only one I could really pull off from the commercials. XD It takes a swift Aqua to save Belle and Alain (a name a friend of mine uses for Beast's human form) from the crashing chadilier. XD

    Thanks!!! =D That really means a lot to me!!! :heart: Oooh that sounds interesting!!! ^_^ Can't wait to read it!!!
    Not only does she laugh, she secretly records the whole thing. XD

    Yeah, I wanna know too. He'd be a humorous addition to the cast. XD

    *Thinks of Genesis's classic hit, "I Can't Dance"* XD

    Oh and Stitich is going to be a main character too!!! ^_^ Sora and Aqua's traveling buddy. ;D I'm spoofing one of the old Lilo & Stitch commercials where he breaks the chadilier in Beast's Castle. XD
    LOL Donald's gonna be having a ball with it too. XD And the RG Restoration gang too I should add. XD Riku just smirks before Sora begins, because he and Kairi were the only ones there besides Aqua who already knew Sora can't dance. XD

    Yep!!! ^_^ He's going to be a lot of fun to write! XD
    Actually, it's going to be hilarious. As I said in the FC, the two dance at Beast's Castle. Aqua fights off the urge to laugh at him (as does Belle & Co) But Sora's two left feet return to haunt him later on when a ball is held in his honor at Radiant Garden. And this is in front of Leon & the gang, Lea, Isa, Riku, Kairi, Donald & Goofy too I might add and they're not as merciful... XD

    That's what I'm doing too. ;D The last line is going to be "maybe blue's the new red..." ;D
    I got out of school early, so I'm just hanging out for now. I'm still planning some of the one-shot I'm writing, but I have it mostly thought out.

    I'm actually focusing more on thinking up the plot for the full-length fanfic. XD But I can tell you one little detail that's a sort of on-going joke in the story: Sora is a horrible dancer. XD
    Ah, tis not a problem!!! ^_^

    Yeah, though admittedly I prefer Kairi over Namine, but that's neither here nor there. ;D

    I love The Dark Knight!!! =3 Great equivalent of that quote in TAV. Ven is probably my favorite male character, but I think Aqua's my favorite character in general. I love how she's capable of being so kind and sincere while also being more badass than at least half the entire KH cast. XD

    "Warp 5, sir?"
    I agree that SRK's dynamic is flawed in comparison to TAV. And after seeing Aqua in action, I admit Kairi's the weakest link in the trio.

    TAV are the three best protagonists in the series IMO. Aqua is definitely the biggest hero of 'em all too.


    "Warp 4, sir?"
    I'm told often I'm a nice guy. XD

    Yep. BBS is possibly the first time we REALLY saw intense dynamics in the entire cast, especially Aqua. :heart: Your opinion? =D

    You've seen the Crazy Files too? =D I love that thing!!! ^_^ If not, watch Crazy Files 27, they have Org 13 sing the Star Trek Bohemian Rhapsody. XD

    "Warp 3, sir?"
    Yay!!! I'm glad to know that you'll be joining us!!! ^_^ Yep, I agree with all three statements!!!

    Oooh that's a good one too! ^_^ Adam and Evil (though in this place its vice versa XD)

    Nope. I want to though! ^_^

    "That will not work and would be illogical to me."
    Yeppers!!! ^_^ The more I think on AquRa (as I call it ;D) the closer it gets to being my OTP. XD These two would be a great match. 8D You thought about joining? Please do, we'd love to have you there!!! ^_^

    LOL That's part of it, I also chose Wisdom form cause of the blue. XD Yep.

    LMAO I haven't seen much of the series or film, but I know the classic stuff. XD

    "I'm sorry, he's dead Jim."
    I'm the founder actually. ;D I own the FC. XD Traskix made the set for me. =3 You like?

    Spock is an utter badass. Vulcan Death Grip FTW!!! ^_^
    Yeah. That, and it's clearly obvious that Naruto likes her. :/ So either she's a bitch that uses him or she's really damn dense. Even denser than Naruto was about Hinata liking him. And that's saying something.

    It would be nice if she did, and said that it hurts her as well to see him get so hurt over it. :c But this is Kishimoto we're talking about.

    It really makes me wonder what he plans on doing when he gets Danzo. Well, derp, you're going to have everybody after you. :/ So you'll most likely die. But I don't think he really cares about that.
    Well, he better. Because honestly, if he didn't, Kishimoto'd seriously be an ass. :/ I mean, hello? Being told that you're loved for the first time in your life probably is pretty earth-shattering. Even if he doesn't return her feelings, it'd be ridiculous not to think about her confession.

    Really now, I think the only ones who have any sort of logic left within them are Karui and Sai. >_>; Karui can call Naruto out on his bullshit and Sai can see that both Sasuke and Sakura are crappy friends if they cause Naruto so much pain. :c Everyone else just goes along with it.

    Yeah, Sasuke being obsessed with revenge is getting kinda old. :/
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