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Oracle Spockanort

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  • Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it's so GOOD! I'm so on the train for this, Ethy! <3 IT'S SO GOOD AND HIS MOM IS SO NICE AND THAT ENDING! <3 I NEED MORE NOW! XD I love how he goes viral after that video of him ice skating exactly like Victor. lol. That was hilarious!
    I'm watching it right now. xD I feel so bad for Yuri, but I'm loving it too much to feel that bad for him. The animation and characters are so lovable. <3 I really like his mom. lol.
    I'll definitely have to check it out as soon as possible, cause it sounds really good, and I totally believe you about the animation being gorgeous based on your lovely avatar! <3 Thank you for letting me know where your avatar is from! C: Can't wait to see what episode one is like!
    Your welcome! I wish you luck on your adventure through this new ice skating world. xD

    That sounds good with me. Although it wouldn't be a problem with giving more passes. You're only the second person that I've ever been able to give a pass to. Practically a year's worth of passes have just expired on me up to this point. I'll keep a pass on hold for potential future binge-watching though!
    Sooooo... I've only got two more Crunchyroll passes left to give out. I could help keep feeding your new love for Yuri!!! On Ice for two more weeks, or I could save a pass for you to binge-watch the whole thing at the end of the season if you'd like? xD
    Sup. I enjoy all the news staff/mods post and I understand the want behind staff/mods posting the news, but it sort of discourages the news hound award. Perhaps the award could be reworked? I didn't want to bring this to the ask-a-mod thread so what do ya think?
    Just want to say that I am not trying to pick fights. I know that I should probably calm down before posting, but I just don't do that, so my posts end up seeming harsh or stuff.

    Sry if it annoys anyone
    I just felt like you guys were making fun of me and the whole group there being against me, but I'm over it.
    Maybe something in your sig telling them to tell you news on both KH and FF first?

    There is a rule from RPGamer that could be implemented too; they say, "Okay, you can post about news if you're all asplodey, but make sure you send it to the news team, we don't want it on the board and the news team don't know about it; also if we post up a story and you asploded, your topic may be merged into the news topic or locked"

    I find that pretty fair.
    *sneak, sneaks up behind you* *POUNCETACKLECUDDLE!*

    Saw the whine about people exploding and not telling you news, thought you could use a hug. (I think people just get too excited)
    Alright then, good! Haha hey, Spock. I've been okay. Juggling a bit of real life stuff right now (who isn't though, amirite?), been fixing up a house today. How about yourself, what's been going on with you?
    You're like that kid in class who I know because we've sat next to each other forever, and you're a generally nice person so if someone asked I'd probably be like "yeah, we're friends," but now that I sit here and think about it, I don't know that we've ever directly had a conversation.
    *sees you complaining about ow again on Twitter* *Cure 6's you this time*

    I hope it quits hurting..
    Hanging in there and working on that fic tho sis is playing That Song again. *turns up FF Radio*
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