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    Data-Axel is destroying me.

    Well, most of the data rematches are, but I've at least managed to beat Vexen, Demyx and Larxene so far anyway. But now I am trying to strike down Axel... And yeah. Help Anywho, yeah. Playing Critical, and my base strategy is press x and cure every once in a while. The main story has... been...
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    Wow, my memory of KH2 is so screwed up.

    Kingdom Hearts 2 is probably my top favorite kingdom hearts game... But replaying it on 2.5 made me realize I forgot a lot of it. Couldn't even remember what half the new heartless originally looked like to even care about the recolors. Forgot the paradox cups existed completely. The one thing...
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    Worth it?

    Kingdom Hearts 3D is a must have, and I'd have bought it even if it was the only 3D game I was ever going to play. My only complaint would be that the 3D effect is eye burning to the point I can't stand to even use it most of the time. Also if you prefer the larger systems, and it's not already...
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    First English KH3D Screenshots!

    Am I the only one disappointed by Meow Wow's name? Wondernyan was a great name. Couldn't they have just kept that? Or even Wondermeow... Bah. -goes back into hiding until KH3D is out-
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    KH3D Opening Screens!

    Pffft. I want a close up of Axel Dx
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    Rumour Has It: KH3D release date July 27th/Summer 2012

    Heh what do you know. Right around when I predicted, and I am happy that the wait isn't going to be as ridiculous as it was for BBS
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    Seriously when do you think KH3D will be released???

    I sincerely hope there isn't a massive gap between the Japanese and American releases like there was for Birth by Sleep. Eight months was a down right ridiculous amount of time to go dark to avoid spoilers :/ I'd say, any later than early August would be too long a wait.
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    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    Axel is there. That's all I ever needed to know about this game!
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    Wondernyan Plushie now on JP Square Enix Online shop!

    Re: Wondernyan Plushie now on Square Enix Online shop! Wow, definitely cute. Though I would like to know how big this thing is. I wouldn't want to pay $50 for one if it turned out to be puny.
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    What system Do you want kingdom hearts BBS V.2 on?

    I want to see it on the playstation 3. I'm growing tired of all the handheld games being thrown around. We haven't even seen a Kingdom Hearts game on console since playstation 2 for petesake.
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    What order should I play the campaigns in?

    Terra, Ventus and Aqua all seem for the most part, a step behind each other, with Terra in front, Ventus in second and Aqua bringing up the rear. You see the most of the other stories from Aqua's story, Ventus, not so much, but there are some pretty intense moments spoiled from Terra's story...
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    That has to be the bloodiest thing I've seen in anything Disney o_O

    Gosh, poor Braig o_O That was just... harsh. I knew it was coming, but... its disney... I didn't expect it to be all that bloody o_O I find it odd that Disney cried foul over Aqua's outfit, but then allowed them to show Braig getting maimed like that o_O
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    I need some tips...

    Okie, I beat him. Whats funny is I wasn't even paying attention to his health, and then I slide into him and he suddenly dies xD
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    Too Hard?

    How exactly do you get once more? This would so help with my Master E battle x_X
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    I need some tips...

    on battling Master Eraqus I'm playing as Terra on Critical difficulty currently lv 30, and the guy is kicking my behind x_X Does anyone have any advice on how best to defeat this guy?