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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    O.k....how do I put this?....HELL NO!!!(I seldom post, but I felt this was dearly needed.)
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    Terra or DS? You DECIDE!

    Re: Terra or DS? You DECIDE!!!!!!! If fusion were true the only evidence would be Xeahnort poseesing Riku or Riku in Xeahnorts form. Both show that age nor appearence does not combine.
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    So in otherwords you think ATV had children when they were six...
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    Terra or DS? You DECIDE!

    Re: Terra or DS? You DECIDE!!!!!!! Dark Soldier because- -there's a reason his head is covered -his suit is similar to Rikus (who was controlled by Xeahnort) -he seemed to have survived the fight -the age seems right -there are people who use darkness for good
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    Alright, thanks guys.
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    Certain Boss Fights.

    You can't really go wrong with an attack-based deck. (Grace Assassin's pics are scaring me...)
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    Chain of Memories Was the Best Game

    KH1 had a great story-line. CoM also had an excellent story, but the Disney stories were really shallow.
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    bbs dual wielding its possible

    Well since they use artificial keyblades I guess its possible. (I'd be interested to see how Ven fights though)
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    In COM he seems to have finally embraced the darkness, but why is it that he acts like its a bad thing in KH2....
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    So.... this is my first thread. I was wondering if Riku is a being of the in-between does that mean he wields both light and dark(as separate powers) or mix of them. (please don't flame me if I put this in the wrong section):cry: