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  • Amazing avatar! That film is a paean to the expressive powers of images and the human face.
    I feel the same way about art, for when I have those thoughts about the practical applications of it. I love it with all my heart, and I would be doing it anyway, so it seems silly to waste the opportunity to do something I loved for a living. I hope that you find the right place to apply your passions too.

    Ah, you flatter me. I can promise that since the last work you might have seen, my art has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only through school, but simply through practice. The only true way to improve a talent is to exercise it, right?

    But I'm still the same guy I was; I still love to tell stories, like we used to here. Most of the time it takes the form of tabletop games, both as a player and as a game master. However, I still have many of my own stories. In fact, there may be one that is being worked on right now to emerge as a webcomic this coming Spring...but perhaps I speak too soon. :p
    Ordeith! It's been too long. I only rarely stop by here any more, but I felt overcome with -- well it doesn't matter much now.

    I've been occupied with and enjoying art school! I'm a sophomore undergraduate now, studying Sequential Art (basically everything based around comics). It's been an awesome experience, but it does cut into how much online time I have to spread around. Gotta ration that stuff out carefully. I still check back to good ol' KHI every so often, though.

    But what about you?
    Knights in the Nightmare: You've used songs from this OST multiple times in the roleplay, and each time I've loved it. Tell me more about this game.

    I also like how you recycled Helena's code-speech into your new post, especially in a speaking role. My mind keeps trying to visualize/auralize how that would work. It's a great touch.
    Spurius ideally is the most RP RP I've yet seen; it also gives RPers the freedom to generally play with their characters in terms of development of personality, plot arcs, etc, on a small scene-by-scene, post-by-post scale. Granted, I haven't posted in months (yet never fear, the malevolent Jester still strides throughout the background, most likely upturning a roadside village in Wabbajack-like debauchery, a la me when I finish my exams this week, totally gonna shrek them, because its never ogre to plant glorious good grade flags on tests, amid massive tears of joyous blessing of oneself for having survived the semester, ye gods).

    Will be posting after exams though, and Jezza's RP idea (if you've read his PM recent one at least) seems really plausible.

    Raises questions such as who really is pulling the strings, who is really the hero, etc, much like the subterfuge and etc of our current modern world, etc.

    And on your exams . . .
    Glad to hear it! And the roleplay should be fine, but I have been thinking that I should set aside a little time to post something; there are enough interested participants that the roleplay shouldn't go completely silent each time you are away from the forums.

    Best of luck facing down those monsters. The semester is (almost) over.
    Thanks for your last two PMs; I will respond to both of them when I have time later this week. In the meantime, please enjoy (autocorrect writes: "ennoble" wtf?) this article on Language Log, which you may have already found yourself. I especially enjoy the comments, which go above and beyond to find other examples and iterations on the theme.

    Jazz dispute
    Hah, and it still has the watermark of Youku, which is the Chinese version of Youtube! And all the planets align...
    Indeed, and rightfully so, though I would prefer the proverbial massive conventions (SDCC, etc) to single author autograph lines. While its nice to perhaps make friends and such in the autograph line and so on, I'd much more prefer to see other peoples' take on what appeals to them in terms of entertainment and the arts. Otherwise one lives in a very cramped space in existence.

    That and I find conventions (having never been to one) more accessible, though that's the best word I can come up with at the moment.
    I actually don't think much of him to be honest, his scribbles never appealed to me in the consumer reading sense, nevertheless I am much glad that thou hast gained an auto-graphical notation of his existence in your book (which in itself represents the culture that America has cultivated, that of the idol or celebrity, though the general feeling of it goes back centuries, more or less), because dayum, that must have been a both nerve-wracking and awesome experience. (I did it! Praise the Sun!)

    On the matter of meeting favorite authors and such, its something that I would both enjoy immensely and be horrified at; one, because touching them in the flesh; and two, because you're only granted a few brief moments (and that's a damn shame, isn't it?) with which to dispense your entire gratification of existence upon reading their written brain matter and the feelings you had afterword. There's never a chance to really inquire them of certain topics and other frivolous things which compound our minds while reading - after all, who else is better to ask save the Creator? Who else is so close, yet so distant and quiet?
    Lol, I'm just as guilty as you are. Recently got my Xbox One, so the majority of my attention has been directed toward Destiny when I'm not at work.
    You will probably enjoy this website: Language Log

    Also, will try to finish work on that Spurius post today.
    How would you suggest adding footnotes to the audio? I was planning on including links to some of the books/movies/webcomics we reference, but that's all I was really thinking of. Ideally, we could continue and broaden the conversation with other members in the posts following the interview. Failing that, we might just schedule another Skype conversation shortly after the interview is published, when those thoughts are fresh on our minds.
    I'm editing together an abridged version of our roleplaying discussion. It's actually really fun.
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