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  • No worries--I sent it for your own edutainment, so read it at your leisure. And rest assured that I will post in Spurius' thread at some point.

    In relation to both that second point and your current reading material--how is your Latin? If I sent you some phrases for use in a Spurius post, would you be able to proofread them for me?
    Oh no, it's nothing related to your post. I want to opening my post with a dream sequence, something that torments Alcaeus, but haven't been able to pin that quite down. Now, however, I think I might have. So, hopefully, I should have something up soon-ish.
    So, I apologize about Nightfall. I hit a bit of a wall on how I wanted to proceed with my post. After thinking about it to no avail, I figured it would come to me when the time was right. In the meantime, I revised and just now re-posted the prologue and first chapter of The Gallant. And as luck would have it, it also inspired me how to continue with The Warlock.
    Yo dude, just wanted to apologize for taking a near literal month to post a reply to Arcana, even though everything's been kinda slow there anyway. I plan to actually get my post up either tonight or tomorrow.
    I enjoy letting the little mad man inside me out every once in a while.

    This really helped in the writing of the post.

    And because I can practically feel the gears in your head turning, I'll leave you with this: the Puppet Master is not the Smiling Man or any form, variation, or aspect of him. He is not even connected to him; a completely original character who will spontaneously show up in each individual work, accompanied by more maddened scribbles. I'll leave that to your pondering.

    EDIT: And on another note, you can probably expect a Nightfall post from me tomorrow night. And I'll probably be writing Christoph into the scene as the first person Alcaeus sees, and, given Christoph's personality, I honestly wouldn't expect him not to be by Alcaeus's side. Ideally, I would like for us to be able to squeeze a quick one-on-one in, with me posting, you posting, and then me again before anyone else posts, as I sort of have this nice picture of Alcaeus awakening, talking shortly with Christoph, and then rising to go outside, only to find his home city in near ruin.
    Umm, I'd say just finish the short encounter with the Smiling Man and then have the group head off to Jaroton.
    But of course.

    Though rhyming so much might be fairly difficult. Perhaps I need to study up with the expert? (Or Cheat...)

    I've actually given a tidbit of information in my last post?namely, the name of his plan: "The Baroque War." Let your brain make of it as it will.
    Anything would help. If I could just catch that sneaky melody, I could build the rest of the theme around it.

    I'll have to wait and see once I get to it. However, I definitely planned on adding more accompaniment to the hopeful and melancholy segments. And for some reason, something is telling me to switch the flute out for the two segments; probably replace it with something with a bit more push, like a trumpet or something, while something a bit heavier for the sad piece. Idk...

    I might have bit of a running gag with Spurius constantly going back and forth between rhyming and normal speech.

    Also, I think I finally have finished fleshing out just who, or rather what, the Smiling Man is, his goals (which extend past Heavenfall: The King in those possible one or two more stories I had in mind), and the string of events leading up to him becoming him. Suffice to say, it will not disappoint and will live up to my boastful claims of him being the greatest and most powerful villain the section has seen. A bit tragic, as well.
    I've got a piano and flute duet that's starting to sound good for Besnik's theme. I'm still scrounging for a good melody to carry the piece, but by focusing primarily on the flute and leaving the piano as secondary, I think it should make coming up with a theme easier.

    And apologies on the tardiness of the Warlock. He's proving to be quite the crazed character (and for good reasons), but I should have a post for him tonight. Also, I've decided to make him speak in rhyme, so there's that too.
    You are too kind. But your comment in the thread made me think. What else can you tell me, and what else can I read, about KHI Fables? It might be fun to play more intentionally with the time difference/confusion between the two.
    Actually, I'm glad you did, as that is the reason it has that name. Via Gren was the first settlement to be constructed after Morcado was founded, and was built along the road used by merchants to reach the Greenwald.

    Hopefully. Regardless, my next post as Alcaeus will see us in the capital. However, I think young Christoph may receive a friendly visit from a certain, smiling friend of ours before the party departs Via Gren.
    Thanks for making a post, but one problem: the party isn't in Jaroton yet, but in Via Gren, a large city about a day's travel out of the capital, and the closest settlement to it. My next post will have us in the capital.
    I might be having too much fun with the Collected Works of Spurius. I'm not sure, but it's a distinct possibility.
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