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  • Still think we should have a buddy cop sort of gig sometime that's better than Arya and the Hound's S3-4 run (though it never ceased to make me laugh in it's almost sort of Coen Brothers-esqueness), hue.

    And yes, I did the thing. *Mansell drones in the distance*
    The Wheel of Cheese turns, and Appetizers come and pass, leaving morsels that become crumbs. Crumbs fade to munchings, and even the munchings is forgotten when the Appetizer that brought it returns again.
    Not too much, un/fortunately. I had to take control of Christoph shortly to move things along (hopefully not screwing up the character in the process), and he's now with Hidden's character.
    To those who visit this page: Please bear with my absence for a little while longer -- to the end of April, at the very least. I can assure you that this hiatus from KHI, though perhaps needed, was not of my own choosing.

    These last few months have been unbearably busy for me. I hope that you all understand.

    You're not completely rid of me yet, though, so keep me in your plans.
    Superb post, as always. Don't worry about waiting for Kisara to rejoin the group at this point; Bryant can go on with his own business for now. I'm sure there will be opportunity to regroup later.

    On another roleplay, do you have plans to post for Christoph? I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do with Kivuli after Alcaeus' sudden departure. All I can picture is all of us staring dumbly at the dust cloud hanging cartoonishly in the air.

    edit: ugh, mixed up my own character's name AGAIN.
    Actually, I'd rather not. You can have him FOLLOW her, if you'd like. She's not going to go far, and she won't be gone long, but she needs someone to help her with her Shifting. So, that's why she's on a direct course to meet up with an older Shifter. The Shifter will bring her back to Bryant once he's gotten her to calm down and gotten her back in her human skin, cause she's about to go lion again.
    It's quite understandable, I've been quite busy with work lately myself. Worked the last five days, have tomorrow off, then work the next six. Fun...

    Anyway, I'm trying to get a post up for The Warlock that should get things going a bit, in case you might want to make a post before.
    Oh dear, I'm planning on getting back on 'the Gallant', but I wanted to double check something. I can't seem to find our discussion concerning the names of Venelatria's suzerainties. Think you might be able to help?
    Tell me more about this. I can't find any specific information in the OOC or Roleplay threads about Human/Leijonni relations, but I've been skimming a lot of material for lack of time. Where should I look?
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