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  • I've been goodish, but I haven't really done anything in a while, to be honest!

    What've you been up to, though! I don't even really see you on here anymore! It looks like I was commenting on the same thing in my last comment!
    xD Good then~

    YES. With David Lee Roth back as the lead singer. >:3 It sounds AWESOME. <3 It's coming out on February 7th, called "A Different Kind of Truth"~ x3

    kk I'll be waiting~!
    Been writing essays for my college classes. xD If that counts~ ;)

    I'm STOKED for the upcoming Van Halen album. :DDDD
    I would like to comment here with intention of lamenting the fact that we no longer talk frequently. Or at all.

    Just going to throw that out there.


    We need to talk.


    In general.


    ORG! ORG! ORG! I'm back! How are you doing?

    I know! I love you and your mispronounced words. (hugs Laguna) GET IN THE NEW KH GAMES PLEASE!

    Thanks. I really appreciate it.

    Umm... badly. I know I should be harsher then I am.

    Well, Larxene had her heart back. Maybe she would be nicer? Why don't you do some memes or the writing thing with Larxel? That can help figure out details. I like Xion and Repliku hanging out together And HPO would be nice too! Struggle, and ice cream and all that. I LOVE that!

    No, no. The issue was I didn't introduce them well enough. I rewrote the first chapter to be a mission so we get a better idea of the Penguin's skillset and personalities. And, well, I felt like there was filler in the first attempt but not so much the second time. I sent it to you to Edit since EQD wants good grammar and stuff.

    "Exactly what I said, Idiot." (Did I do that already?) I KNOW! Sora and Vanitas need to have a throwdown and Vanitas NEEDS to ruin Sora's reputation. Maybe go back in time and mess with King Triton?

    TOMORROW! How does a Zack thrown Bachelor party go? And I want to see Aqua in bridesmaid mode! Will she be Best Woman? (instead of Best Man)

    Or a towel and clothes?

    Okay. I'll have to rethink that. I still want her to be dismissive though. And, yep. Implied, sweet on, but never says "in love"I want someone to notice this kind of thing! (you're good, I just mean a new person)

    Well my labtop isn't working but I'm fine. I'm writting a book. My fanfics are on hold for right now which sucks cause I was almost done with a new for my FFCC fic. So how long have you known Mina? Just wondering.

    Also you pumped up for all the new KHDDD news? I know I am. Really can't wait for the game, and I'm really hoping Kairi gets to help out and Oswald shows up.

    Also what do you think of my crack ship LEaXRikku? Rikku being from FFX of course.
    And now, I have to get BACK to it. Dang trip.

    Well, everyone has a new person. It's nice. List is a bit odd, but it's nice!

    I NEED new art with them. Or fics or... I can't just rely on my own fluffy mind!

    Well, you're right. Teasing/basic thoughts are good (especially when we're frustrated) I'm actually editing mine now.

    I remember that! I actually reread it a while ago. I wonder what connection Isa and Terranort have? and I hope Repliku gets a friend if he comes back. Maybe Pinnochio?

    Agreed. (And I got PoM DVD's for my birthday! YAY! EQD rejected my fic, so it's being rewritten now. I gave them a mission ;) )

    Umm...ummm... "FINISH HIM!" Yeah, maybe. Also, maybe their connection was weakened by being apart so much? Then again, Van DID keep on surprising him. Which puts my Van/Sora confrontation away. Honestly, I would LOVE to see Sora mentally fall apart due to Vanitas. I sound like a horrible person, but imagine him physically shifting from person to person until it settled on Vanitas.

    Well, why not a double wedding? (Speaking of, have you seen some of the Tangled Ever after stuff?) But, well, for me I don't see him proposing really. Then again, I see him living in a very large zuchinni household for YEARS. I know that's not how yours plays out.

    Well, maybe Phil ;) IDK though. Maybe a sparring dummy? or some leather cleaner? That salt water CAN'T be good for his shoes.

    Thanks ^_^

    Well, did did it develop? I may change a few lines like "Except for that child across from her" to "including the child" etc. I need to get across how she actually feels. (Have you noticed she's NEVER said "I love you"?)

    And a Happy new Year!

    (Sorry for the delay... I've been busy)

    I'm doing alright! x3~ Yourself? :D And YES, Happy New Year's/New Year's Eve!!! :D

    OMG WOOT! I got Arkham City! It's AMAZING too :D
    It's been awhile since we last talked. o.o HOW ARE YOU?! *tackle-glomps* <333333333333333
    Thanks! And I'll get to it. I have to do a simple photo manip first, but it's just a quick edit.

    LOCKE IS FFVI'S NEW CHARACTER! I thought it might be him, he was the original choice for Dissidia, but then there wouldn't be any magic users or any girls (aside from Shantotto) so they switched it to Terra since FFVI has MANY main characters and she's the first playable character you meet and she uses magic...

    Oh, that's a good idea... I might use that. And I kinda picture Tifa being the one to propose they still all live together. They are such a cute family!

    No beta's until after!... that would be a nightmare.

    (If they have Larxene be one of Peter Pan's mermaids I'll be absolutely fine with that too) I mean, if Isa and Lea were experiments, then it makes sense but beyond that.... it's just getting ridiculous. ONLY people from RG have strong enough hearts to be Nobodies? Yuck! Repliku had nobody but Riku, Vexen, and Namine... and all of those are screwed up!

    Skipper is great, but he's hilariously as un PC as they can make it for a kid's TV program. Marlene's his one exception to the mammal hate though, which is nice.

    "I could always use a backup" (That might be wrong) I like how he says it too, it definitely shows their power dynamic, especially the line after. I wonder why Ven never noticed Vanitas there though... Well, link me to them when he puts them up, okay?

    YAY! Zack Aqua fluff. And it's cute. And adorable. And I'm grinning. And it's awesome. And Hooray Snow Angels! (And hooray proposing!)

    If that's your ideas, I really can't wait to read the rest of them! What would everyone else bring?

    Well, for Rapture. I scrapped everything up to Zack entering Rapture and rewrote it. So, instead of Dug being sent out first, it's implied that Zack and Aqua were chasing him and he just happened to leave first. There's more detail for my Bioshock people (I hope) and all in all I fell like it's a stronger product.

    For HCTB... I just added on. I'm stuck on where to go now though. But it will end with Riku taking Sora out for his bachelor's party (Which isn't that wild, don't worry)

    And in case I don't get the e-mail out in time, Merry Christmas.
    Great! Any colors or text?

    It is indeed...

    Or Zack and Aqua temporarily kick them out of the house during the "Honeymoon" phase? I really have to figure out how they go to bed and wake up. That's GOT to be awkward... What do you think?

    Maybe we'll all do original together?

    AND for them to be out of RG! I agree though... but on the other hand, I want Repliku to keep his peaceful death. CONFUSION!!!

    Oh, er...a faulty DNA test makes him think he's a girl. (Alice claims there are three boys and one girl penguin) He claims he's still Skipper, but he indulges more and more in the negative stereotypes of girls (like having someone else open the door for him when they are being chased) until he resigns and hangs out with Marlene. He spends his time talking to her about how he wants to learn how to put on makeup, the princess theory, decorating, etc. Marlene has MANY issues with this. The Lemurs get in trouble, when the other penguins try to save the day, he bows out and says he's going to make lemonade. Marlene forces him in to save them. He, er, doesn't learn his lesson even when he realizes he's actually a guy (DNA test completes and shows he's a guy) He thinks what matters is how well you use a Pretty Pink Bow in the process, and Alice got the genders wrong because she's a mammal. Private has to step in to keep Marlene from mauling Skipper.

    "Someone needs to break that loser in" (Someone NEEDS to remix Vanitas for OCremix)

    OF COURSE! (And how about you subsitute "Movie" for "Play" like Terra and Cinderella watch a performance and Zack and Aqua decide to put one on to relieve boredom) I have to get back to mine.

    That's good!

    Spoiler Spoiler Show

    ...hmm... that might be tricky. I don't use fanart, remember? And I'm worried just plopping it on might be weird. I can give it a try though, but you'll need to find me the stock. Here is Fluttershy though. http://www.hasbro.com/common/assets/Flash/Creative/dad2af6e1c4311ddbd0b0800200c9a66/0f6b55af5056900b1013cd724a8d4018/assets/characters/MLP_CharW_FS.swf

    Ooh, good call. Why is Mario Kart such a system seller?

    ... I honestly have no idea.

    Well, it's more just to sign up, you don't do it until November. And, yes, it just needs to be fiction and you can NOT have written any of it before. (And, yes, I did original this year since I wanted to expand everything)

    I HOPE SO TOO! Repliku needs love too. And if the entire Org showed up for 358/2, but Repliku just got a few mentions... someone got shorted out of an appearance. No, they wouldn't team up. They just... would not work together.

    It's fine. ^_^ Skipper can just be an awesome (but incredibly old fashioned) penguin. (No, really. He NEEDS to update his gender roles. I have a vid for Miss Understanding when he thought he was a girl... but it's not on youtube or the Nick website. The site is safe, just not normally accessed)

    "Between the two of us, I'm the only one who will walk away from here alive" (Oh! That is amazing!)

    I have to get back to my couple drabble thing... and how are those two going?

    Oh, Lightning is incredibly useful!

    HOORAY! (Want HCTB and Rapture teasers?)

    Already rendered ;) Let me just finish Derpy's render and then I'll get started. Colors or text? (And, yes, they are all adorable)

    It was my ONLY justification for a 3DS... until my DS broke and Neku showed up.

    Especially the whole "Sharing a house" deal. They had separate rooms back in LoD, but now they all live together like that? Scandalous and insulting! But, well... they knew this would be awkward when they went into it.

    HOORAY! Sign up now so we can get all prepped a year ahead of time ;) And, yes, you can do fanfics.

    Well... possibly... Riku runs into a copy of himself at least. People keep on speculating on Data stuff, so I may have to eventually pick up Re:coded... despite how I don't have a DS... Hmm... probably either Braig or Vanitas. Unless they start with a clean slate. It's still Sora and Co, but the enemies are entirely new and unrelated.

    What Julien believes in. Not very expanded upon, but they at least control the weather somehow and Julien can listen to them. He's firmly mocked as being ridiculous, but Skipper's been around WAY too long for a normal Penguin, has Manfredi and Johnson, had a hallucination that could interact with the world... oh, and when Sky Spirits are involved for more then a quick gag, Skipper is somehow involved.

    "The Terra you know will be gone for good." (Well, someone should put one on OCremix! It's begging for a good release!... but they haven't done NieR or Bioshock so it's in good company)

    You're welcome!

    That may be it. Why don't you try a side drabble or a story that's just been itching in your brain?

    Yeah, that can really help. Who is your favorite to play? (


    Do you want me to sig/avvy her for you? I have some Christmas renders. I was going to do one for Derpy myself. (And I LOVE Fluttershy too. And Applejack. And, of course, Derpy)

    It should have some info soon... I just want a US release date!

    No, not a problem. And thank you! I'm beyond flattered. I can't WAIT to get Rapture over with, so I can release this abundance of fluff. (Actually, I've been debating about a story where Terra gets REALLY jealous of Zack and Cloud. She's sharing a bed with these two men after all... not in a sexual way though)

    YEP! And it's a blast!

    Nothing on him so far, but we're missing some things... like the ultimate baddy. Seriously, Terranort? Repliku? Xion? Axel/Lea? Lexaeus? (I always wondered why Ansem went out of his way to kill him) Vanitas? MX? Xemnas? Ansem:Sod? and a few worlds.

    No, don't worry, I find Julien really annoying. My favorite ones are the ones where he's not in them that much. There are few good ones where he's in them alot (Miracle on Ice or Hot Ice for example) but I prefer stuff like "It's about Time", "When the Chips are Down" or "I was a Penguin Zombie" where he's almost never in it. But I'm glad you liked the movie! Do you subscribe to the theory that Skipper is actually a Sky Spirit?

    "Exactly what I said, Idiot" (Dang it, HJO, I can not WAIT for your Vanitas/Sora showdown!) Also, someone NEEDS to remix "Enter the Darkness"

    No, not a problem! Go ahead!

    Try making an outline? That might help.

    GO CLOUD! But, yeah... Try training with him in the casual battle mode.

    HOORAY! I'll stay on!


    And Night 12 is up, I've changed a few things since you last saw it.

    No, unfortunately. I've been a bit busy elsewhere. But they did release a demo video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt7pqQwsCOQ

    Well, we shall know when we see it. I can't wait for more info!

    No... (sob) But you like my family? You do? YAY!!!! I'm glad you think it's cute and heartwarming. Would you ever want to give it a shot?

    It's fine, you just need to set time aside for it and go over the minimum amount per a day. The tag line is "no plot, no problem" Plus, between you, M'Lady and I THINK my College friend, it will be quite fun!

    I KNOW! Plus Neku, Beat, Joshua (ugh) Rhyme, Shiki, and I've been crossing fingers Grimoire Weiss gets in too. At least we're getting an 8 MINUTE TRAILER today. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Who do you want in?

    Yes, yes you do. It's... just fantastically done. It's funny, clever, usually mature, and it's.... Gah! I love this show so much. WHY did it take me so long to find it??? And then it gets cancelled!

    Okay. I wish we got those novels...


    (Have you SEEN me and some of my people? And I'm with Vani too)
    There, you're gonna see me choke the life out of Terra and Aqua. Then we'll see how long you play the pacifist.

    You still read Snow Angels? (Flattered) I'm so glad you think I write good Aqua/Zack. I adore your writing and I think your one of the best authors out there, so any time you compliment my stuff I'm flattered.

    Go work on something else then. Some drabbles, a completely different fandom, etc. Just work out those kinks. Or work on art or something.

    Well, thank you Rarity. ^_^ How are you doing?

    I KNOW! AND HE IS SO GOOD THERE! (random flailing)

    Hey, will you be on later tonight? I want to talk about the trailer with you.

    And, thank you for everything.
    Already sent! (but do the "Urgent" one first. Please. Sweet Cosmos Please)

    I KNOW! Part 2 isn't out yet, but she's trying to get VA's. I'm wondering if I'll submit a tape. Anyway... I really can't wait for part 2. Part 1 was AMAZING. And have you heard about the Real life movie being made? So far, only confirmed for Japan but... it's actually looking good. It helps the director is very well respected and known for sticking to the source material (both in words and spirit)

    I love it so much too. But alot of my love also goes to my Zack/Aqua/Cloud semi non romantic threesome. (Seriously, came up with a minor drabble where the boys go out and Zack and Cloud get so uncomfortable sleeping by themselves they move next to eachother. I keep on thinking that I should write a story where they manage to save everyone because they are all so close. (Tifa and Dug too)

    NA NO WRI MO!!! UGH!!!

    I know. RIKU!!! I love him so much. He needs love and friends and... I'm sounding crazy now. You get my point. I can't wait to see more things from his side though. Reverse/Rebirth was great!

    Well, he DOES play a penguin who has defeated a red communist squirrel with a glowing Lunacorn doll... (Have I mentioned this is my favorite show?)
    Penguins of Madagascar: A Visit from Uncle Nigel* Episode Clip | Nick Videos
    I can't wait to see more Private Leviathan action though. Did you see last week's episode? (and did you see the other episodes I linked you to?)

    It's just something I heard. It apparently has to do with 358/2. (with Saix planning on taking over the Org)


    Thor's mostly "To thee I say NAY! Foul Beasts!" But...
    ... I miss David Boat.

    And then she said... by ~Clubtail on deviantART (Picture)
    Time to Fry by ~Clubtail on deviantART (Story not related to the picture, but takes place in the same timeframe. I've moved Zack and Tlammy from "Drinking Buddies" to "Drinking Buddies who like eachother but love other people more" )

    It's fine. I'd still like to read both of those. I really love your style, I'd read pretty much anything you wrote.

    CONGRATULATIONS! (I beat Feral Chaos yesterday myself. It's just a Mannikin of him, but FINALLY!)

    edit: I forgot! Watch this! Young Justice Episode 17 - Disordered Part 2/2 - YouTube

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