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  • I don't know. I feel the thing with the gods would force the roleplayers to be a bit bolder in their decisions.
    Hey, any idea when Ashes will be back? I've a need to visit Belhor soon.

    Also, how's the "god roleplay" going?
    that vaguely sounds like a challenge

    are we going to have to have a confrontation, orion?

    because you should know i do not take kindly to threads

    Let's see what becomes of it; I don't see any harm in it. It shouldn't be a fully-fledged roleplay -- but I think it would do the section some good.

    Besides, we can always implement this concept into a more complete roleplay.
    It'd certainly get people in the habit of making bolder decisions. I'm all for it.
    Do you want to whip something together quickly, or is this more of a long-term project?

    Or is it still too nebulous right now?
    Both honestly sound good. Why not integrate them together? Have a set number of godly characters (who must express godly powers every post) and let roleplayers join up with them.
    Thanks, fixed it. Gave him couple of shields and most of the goodies.

    Basically imagine Ornstein Armor with Mask of the Mother because sloth heuheue
    When next you're on, you mind helping me with the character thin thing, because I extracted and edited the character, I just don't know how to put it back onto the USB to use it again because I am dumb
    Ah, I've heard rumors of the pond-sipper tribe, but I've never had confirmation of their existence...
    Anyways, you ought to try something like this, if PvP is still active next December.
    Normally I'd chide you for hacking -- but if it's used against Sunbro mobs, I can forgive you.
    I just want some Elite Cleric armor, golddarnit.

    At this point, I'm considering another PSN account to house ten more Dark Souls character slots. Among others, I want to make a Catacombs-themed Gravelord, a dragon character who uses nothing but dragon weapons, and the Sun's Firstborn -- but I just don't have the room.
    I convinced two of my friends that Elizabeth is the final boss of Bioshock Infinite -- that she is actually a female version of Booker who was brought into being by Comstock, Booker's grandfather.

    She tries to stop Booker from using Comstock's magical time machine (another invention of mine) to fix the alterations to reality, because doing so would erase her from existence. The battle itself consists of two Bookers and a Comstock -- summoned from the past -- fighting an endless horde of Elizabeths.

    I spun a complete game plot to support this -- and it worked flawlessly.
    At this rate the Creative Writing Section will be entirely half of nothing but my little maggets running about heuheu
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