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    The Roleplaying Tavern - Stop by for a pint!

    hey chief i dont exactly think this is living up to the 'best rp over text' standard you were talking about
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    Farming synthesis materials?

    Each of the 'Stone' items were added for the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts. Each is dropped by a special Heartless, generally on each world. Their overall encounter rate is low, but the chances of running into them are highest one your first visit to a world. If they fail to spawn for you...
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    Help/Support ► Want tech help? Here's some information to provide us, so we don't have to ask.

    Try using the different cables sockets and types that the computer itself supports. It might be the case that the computer isn't automatically outputting to the cable that is actually plugged into it.
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    Assemble the VNGRD

    Subject: Members sought for new squad Sender: The Triune Recipients: [Subterrane;Elementals] Combat-capable members sought for the formation of a five-person long-term operations squad, additional specialisations preferred. Criterion - Squad composed of six different substance elementals...
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    Vanguard Rising

    Prepare for reclamation.
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Frozen in Kingdom Hearts 3 Though Frozen's getting rave reviews, to be fair, Pirates of the Carribean's run as a Disney property began well before the movies released, and I'm sure that would factor into discussions of deals, ownership, copyright, and all the other things that go along with...
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    Any one need help in KH1 FM?

    Wow, a whole thread, just for special little old you to give out your oh so hard-earned and well-practiced knowledge. How else might we stroke your ego, Austin?
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    Help/Support ► Dating Advice

    Don't go for someone based on their interests. That's the stuff that you do together, it doesn't define how you interact on a social/emotional/romantic level, and if you base your relationship on that it's going to go stale fast once, say, at least one of you gets tired of particular gaming or...
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    Yeah, I'm not seeing the difference

    You're only really going to notice the difference if you watch it on a screen/monitor with resolutions over, say, 480p or so. If you're watching comparison videos below that threshold, except for the size of text and aspect ratio, of course texture fidelity is going to look about the same...
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    Yeah, localisation was a little buggy

    Either is possible, maybe the similarity between the words was even intentional.Xigbar probably knew of Xion's true nature to some degree, plus poppet is a sort of infantilising term of endearment.
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    One pissed off gamer

    It's your responsibility as a consumer to find out what you're buying before you buy it. It's not a retailer or developer's fault you didn't make an informed purchase when the information was out there.
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    Character Experiment: Invent-An-Alien

    Just toying with something at the moment. I'm not planning to specifically integrate any of the ideas here into their own roleplay, nor am I here to grade or rank anyone. I just want to see what people can come up with when they're not limited to the human shape, and the weaknesses and abilities...
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    So, with KH3 officially announced...

    And the forum server crashing for more than half an hour probably due to a spike in traffic, do we want to make a simple KH3 roleplay catering to the new members flowing in, to garner more interest and activity in the roleplaying section in general by proxy?
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