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  • Well, its quite alright. A good artist always has a back-up plan. In my case, i am already in the process in seeking a new partner. Seeing how Voss is ditchingme, i will just find a new one :3
    eh we could just tell people to vote for my current instead

    oh yeah me and dar are a team for sotw 123 kay?

    last minute entry change :3

    well, i've only had it a couple of days and i've become quite used to it. my main problem with ps (i'm using cs3 btw) is the tabs for different files open. I hate using the command keys, there's too many combinations for me to remember. Is there a way to make it show the different tabs on screen?
    Closed that stock randomizer thread so people can't cheat on SotW. Will re-open when it's done.
    Blah. Celebrating new years the same way, we're in different rooms til 11, then run the hell out of the last hour before the ball drops.

    Just really been making pressies for practically the entire DM lol.
    You know if you weren't such a great artist, I would actually hold that against you. Lmao.
    Seriously though, whats up?
    Hey, thatnks for sorting sotw out, i kept meaning to do it, but with Christmas, i've been really busy.
    You should make me a tag, because your the best artist of all time.
    What? I'm not lying! >:C
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